A concise and accessible account of the contributions of feminist thinking to the study of crime


Feminism and Criminology

Ngaire Naffine

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Feminism and Criminology reveals criminology's ill-founded disparagement of feminism and its unwillingness to engage theories that would invigorate the discipline. Ngaire Naffine questions why criminologists are still reluctant to adopt a feminist perspective and continue to deny the contributions feminism has to make in this field.

Criticizing a mind-set that sees women as deviant, even when they are more "normal" and law abiding than men, Naffine analyzes the treatment of female offenders by the criminal justice system and looks at women as victims of crime, particularly violent crime. The author points to such questions as "what makes women commit fewer crimes?" as a starting place for new thinking. She suggests a different kind of understanding of the impact of femininity and masculinity on both criminal behavior and criminology's world view.

Provocative and challenging, Feminism and Criminology will be a valuable resource for students and researchers in women's studies, gender studies, criminology, sociology, and law.



Part I: A Feminist History of Criminology
1. The Scientific Origins of Criminology
2. The Criminologist as Partisan
3. Examining our Frames of Reference: Realism to Derrida

Part II: Effecting Change
4. Reinterpreting the Sexes (through the Crime of Rape)
5. Relocating the Sexes (through Crime Fiction)
6. An Ethical Relation



About the Author(s)

Ngaire Naffine is a Senior Law Lecturer at the University of Adelaide in Australia. She is author of Female Crime, Law and the Sexes, and Juvenile Justice.

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Women's Studies
Law and Criminology


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