Various perspectives in the increasingly complex field of social work


Changing Roles in Social Work Practice

edited by Francine Sobey

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"This book presents a balanced report of various perspectives in the practice field. It should challenge faculty and students to think and question traditional and alternative approaches to practice."
James T. Decker, San Diego State University

In recent years, major changes have occurred in all fields of social work practice. Services have been moved out into the community, new and diverse kinds of social workers have been recruited, and new treatments and services have been developed. In short, social work has suddenly become a vastly more complex field.

Changing Roles in Social Work Practice is designed to acquaint social work students and professionals with the burgeoning range of career choices. Each of the contributors has both theoretical and practical experience in the area being covered; each offers new insights on how to cope with change—not in the abstract, but in real work settings.

The editor's introductory chapter draws together the themes and concepts that characterize current social work; headnotes to each chapter summarize the distinctive features of each service-field.

About the Author(s)

Francine Sobey, DSW, is Associate Professor of Social Work Practice, Columbia University School of Social Work, and Social Work Training Consultant. She is also the author of The Nonprofessional Revolution in Social Work.

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Political Science and Public Policy


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