This volume examines the volatile nature and complex dynamics of national movements and ethnic conflict around the world


The National Question

Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Self-Determination in the Twentieth Century

edited by Berch Berberoglu

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The class forces that have come to play a central role in directing movements in different socio-political, temporal, and geographic settings are explored in case studies of


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Part I: The National Question in the Third World
1. Palestinian Nationalism and the Struggle for National Self-Determination – Gordon Welty
2. The Kurdish National Movement and the Struggle for National Autonomy – Ferhad Ibrahim
3. Apartheid and the National Question in South Africa – Martin J. Murray
4. Ethnicity, Religion, and National Politics in India – Dipankar Gupta
5. Women in National Liberation Struggles in the Third World – Ona Altson Dosunmu and M. Bahati Kuumba

Part II: The National Question in Advanced Capitalist Countries
6. Puerto Rican Nationalism and the Struggle for Independence – Juan Manuel Carrión
7. The National Question and the Struggle against British Imperialism in North Ireland – Martin Orr
8. Basque Nationalism and the Struggle for Self-Determination in the Basque Country – Francisco Letamendía
9. Quebec Nationalism and the Struggle for Sovereignty in French Canada – Gilles Bourque

Part III: Socialism and the Nationalities Question
10. The Nationalities Question in the Former Soviet Union: Transcaucasia, the Baltics, and Central Asia – Levon Chorbajian
11. National Minorities and Nationalities Policy in China – Gerard Postiglione
12. Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Self-Determination in the former Yugoslavia – Jasminka Udovicki

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Berch Berberoglu is Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, and Director of the Institute for International Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno. He has published thirteen books, including The Political Economy of Development: Development Theory and the Prospects for Change in the Third World and Class Structure and Social Transformations.

Contributors: Gilles Bourque, Juan Manuel Carrion, Levon Chorbajian, Ona Altson Dosunmu, Dipankar Gupta, Ferhad Ibrahim, M. Bahati Kuumba, Francisco Letamendia, Martin J. Murray, Martin Orr, Gerald Postiglione, Jasminka Udovicki, Gordon Welty, and the editor.

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