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Ann Bastian, Norm Fruchter, Marilyn Gittel, Kenneth Haskins, Colin Greer: Choosing Equality
Choosing Equality
The Case for Democratic Schooling

Bastian, Ann, Norm Fruchter, Marilyn Gittell, Kenneth Haskins and Colin Greer, foreword by James P. Comer

Outstanding Book in Educational Studies, American Educational Association

Patrick Biernacki: Pathways from Heroin Addiction
Pathways from Heroin Addiction
Recovery Without Treatment

Biernacki, Patrick

Charles Horton Cooley Award, Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction

Fred Block: Revising State Theory
Revising State Theory
Essays in Politics and Postindustrialism

Block, Fred

Socialist Review Book Award, Socialist Review

Selma's Peacemaker
Ralph Smeltzer and Civil Rights Mediation

Longenecker, Steve L.

Outstanding Book Award, Gustavus Myers Center for Human Rights

Eleanor M. Miller: Street Woman
Street Woman
Miller, Eleanor M.

Distinguished Scholar Award, American Sociological Association Criminology Section

Judith Rollins: Between Women
Between Women
Domestics and Their Employers

Rollins, Judith

Jessie Bernard Book Award, American Sociological Association

Victoria Anne Steinitz, Ellen Rachel Solomon: Starting Out
Starting Out
Class and Community in the Lives of Working-Class Youth

Steinitz, Victoria Anne and Ellen Rachel Solomon

Robert E. Park Award, American Sociological Association


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