A New Way to View Summer School

Traditionally when most students think of summer school, they imagine a sort of purgatory for those not doing as well as they had hoped during the regular semesters. In recent years this idea has been turned on its head. Students now seek out summer school for reasons beyond redeeming themselves from a bad semester.

Many students are now looking for opportunities to not only stay on track, but get ahead. Saying yes to summer school helps students finish required course work in order to do things like study abroad, secure an internship, or participate in research. In addition, the prospect of double majoring, exploring different majors, or changing majors can seem much less overwhelming. Summer Courses give students more time to pursue their academic interest.One of the biggest benefits from taking summer classes would be an early graduation for many students. By graduating early, students can limit student-loan debt, and get a head start in joining the work force.

Taking summer courses is now even more convenient for students. The increase in course offerings, varying lengths of summer sessions, and different options for instructional methods allows summer courses to fit into any schedule. With many online courses, students can even enjoy the beach while earning an A+.

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