Committee on Faculty Disabilities Concerns 2019-20


Ken Thurman


Jean Boyer, COE, 1-6090,, '20

Adil Khan, LKSM, 2-0965,, '22**

Joshua Lukin, CLA, 1-1789,, '20

Richard Pomerantz, LKSM, 2-7623,, '20**

Michael Sachs, CPH, 1-8718,, '20**

Mark Salzer, CPH, 1-7879,, '21

Kenneth Thurman, COE, 1-6018,, '22**


** = serving 2nd consecutive term
*** = serving 3rd consecutive term



(Updated May 16, 2019)


- Making recommendations about issues affecting faculty with disabilities and their inclusion in the university community;

- Making recommendations that enhance faculty's ability to meaningfully include students with disabilities in their classes as well as the university community as a whole;

- Providing liaison between the faculty and the Office of Disabilities Resources and Services (DRS).



Membership shall consist of six faculty members appointed by the FSSC to serve three-year terms with initial appointments to be staggered with two one-year terms, two two-year terms, and two three-year terms. Initial appointees may be reappointed. No appointee may ordinarily serve more than two consecutive three-year terms. Additionally, one graduate student and one undergraduate student shall serve on the committee as non-voting members. Students will be selected from a list of nominees from TUGSA and Student Government for graduate and undergraduate student, respectively.


It is highly recommended that the Director of DRS or her/his designee serve as an ex-officio member of this committee.


(Approved December 4, 2015)