Ad-hoc Committee for the Quality of Faculty Life

Rachel Groner, CLA, 1-2212,

Paul S. LaFollette, CST, 1-6822,

Jin-Jun Luo, CST, 2-7854,

A. Marjatta Lyyra, CST, 1-3776,

Mark Rahdert, Law, 1-8966,

Charles Ruchalski, Pharm., 2-2212,

Noah Shusterman, CLA, 1-4276,



The Ad-hoc Committee for the Quality of Faculty Life as assembled by the Faculty Senate Steering Commitee to evaluate the strengths, limitations, and oportunities for career development and evolution in the areas of faculty satisfaction and faculty life at Temple. The commitee will design and conduct a series of surveys to assess the attitudes and needs of faculty related to their satisfaction with all aspects of faculty life at Temple Universty. These surveys will include such matters as: the level of "family friendliness" experienced; the level of respect perceived from colleagues and administration; the quality of support service; perceptions of the degree of fairness; balance in work load among Teaching, Scholarship,and Service; perceptions regarding university service; how much all aspects of diversity (age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, etc.) are celebrated; opportunities for collegiality; opportunities for career development and evolution at all stages of faculty life; and other faculty experiences. The Committee may want to convene focus groups with various segments of faculty, including but not limited to: tenure-track faculty, tenured faculty, non-tenure track faculty, and adjunct faculty, as well as faculty at different career stages. This process could precede the design of the survey in order to be sure that the major issues are included. While the work of the committee may extend past a single semester, the Committee will submit a report to the Faculty Senate as to their acitvities and findings at the end of the spring, 2010 semester.

Adopted by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee February 3, 2009



Ad-hoc Student-Faculty Liaison Committee

The Faculty Senate Steering Committee is currently seeking interested faculty and students to serve on this committee.