Forms & Templates

Sponsored Projects Administration Forms

  • SPAF Form:  PDF | MS Word
  • NIH Certification: MS Word
  • Request NIH Commons ID:  Web Version
  • Request NSF Fastlane ID: Web Version
  • Cost Sharing Documentation Agreement: PDF
  • Investigator Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form (ISFIDF): PDF | MS Word
  • Advance FOAPAL Request Form: Pdf | MS Word
  • Temporary Principal Investigator Status Request Form: MS Word

  Budget Template

Budget Template:  MS Excel

Notes about the budget template:

  • The white fields are unlocked and allow for data entry. Fields in gray or light yellow are calculations and locked.
  • The salary cap is unlocked. It will default to either blank or the NIH cap for those projects; it can otherwise been populated for any salary cap that a sponsor may impose.
  • The indirect rate is entered on Budget Year 1 under Sponsor Approved Costs in the header.
  • All sub-awards institutions must be entered initially on Year 1, although they can have zero cost in any year. This is to ensure that the $25K F&A limit is properly calculated.
  • If you plan on attaching the budget template to an eRA@TU proposal, please save the final version as .xls format.

University Counsel - Financial Impact Statement

Temple Standard Clinical Trial Agreement

  • Temple Standard Clinical Trial Agreement: MS Word

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