Processing an Award - Setting up the restricted account, charging funds to the account

Establishment Of the Account Number (FOAPAL)

Upon receipt of an award for a grant or contract, the Grants Management division requests RAS to establish a separate FOAPAL for the project. Funds expended in the performance of the project are charged to the FOAPAL number. When RAS establishes the FOAPAL,a copy of the award notice and approved budget are sent to the investigator, appropriate chairs and Deans, and expenses can be charged to the account.

Post-Award Administrative Activities

The PI, or his or her designee, must submit all requests for expenditures to Grants Management/RAS for approval. Grants Management/RAS review all requests to make sure they meet both the terms of the award and University policies; consistent application of current University policy and procedures is required on external awards. All University forms currently available for such expenditures (e.g., salaries and wages, travel, supplies and equipment, check requests, and hiring of personnel) must be properly completed before awarded funds can be utilized. Forms and instructions are available in the appropriate Deans' Offices and/or departments. Commonly used Banner Budget Categories are listed in the Chart of Accounts Account Classifications.

Charges to grants and contracts for materials received and services rendered can only be made prior to the expiration date of the award. Investigators should refer to the appropriate section of the manual or contact Grants Management with any questions regarding processing procedures.