Processing an Award - Negotiation of the Award

Processing Of Awards

The award notification is processed by the Grants Management division and sent to RAS for creation of an account#, or FOAPAL.

Grant award notices generally do not require a University endorsement or acknowledgement. Those that do are signed by the Vice Provost for Research or his designee.

Contracts require special procedures and University signatures prior to the acceptance of funds, and should be forwarded to your Grants Management administrator for review and processing. The President and the Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer are the only University officials who have the authority to bind the University contractually.

Establishment Of FOAPALs

Upon receipt of an award for a grant or contract, the Grants Management division requests RAS to establish a separate account number for the project. Funds expended in the performance of the project are charged to the center number. When RAS establishes the center number, RAS/Grants Management sends a copy of the award notice and approved budget to the investigator, appropriate chairs and Deans.