eRA@TU - Vision

The eRA@TU project vision encompasses more than software; it is also business process reengineering. This principle of re-engineering business processes prior to the introduction of new technology requires the phased implementation of new systems, within the context of a common architectural framework, as re-engineering initiatives are completed. It involves enabling the implementation of best practices in the management of sponsored projects with the help of leading edge technologies. As part of the Temple University's ongoing commitment to the research enterprise, the University is committed to defining and refining policies, processes, procedures, as well as organizations, and adopting appropriate technologies to support them.

The technical vision of eRA@TU include the implementation of software based solutions, either a single system or as integrated, 'best in breed' modules to develop a beginning to end research information system for research project development, support and management. The new system will be tightly integrated with the University's ERP solution

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