For Industry & Entrepreneurs - Startup Companies

As part of the commercialization process, a startup company may be the most appropriate vehicle for bringing a new technology to market. Please contact ODTC if you are interested in forming a company or learning more about Temple's active startups highlighted below.


Diffregen, Inc.

Diffregen is an early-stage, virtual biopharmaceutical firm developing a protein, angiocidin, and its peptide analogues for the treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). Angiocidin was discovered by Dr. George Tuszynski, Professor of Neuroscience, Temple University School of Medicine.

Proplex Technologies LLC

Proplex Technologies is an innovative biotechnology company focused on leveraging two-dimensional High Performance Liquid Electrophoresis (2D-HPLE) for the isolation and identification of protein-complexes (Biomarkers). Protein-complexes are the key to unlocking the mystery in virtually all cellular functions in normal and diseased states. Discovered by Dr. Frank Chang and patented by Temple, the 2-D HPLE technology separates serum protein complexes from human blood sample, cerebrospinal fluids and other body fluids into compact and distinct spots and thereby isolates and identifies critical disease biomarkers. Using this technology, this startup has identified a novel Biomarker that is involved in the cell signaling pathway and is over-expressed in early- and late-stage breast cancer patients. Also, this process has enabled the discovery of markers for other cancers such as pancreatic, liver and skin cancer. Proplex is seeking to partner with industry leaders in Biotechnology to isolate novel Biomarkers and develop drug candidates for treating diseases such as Cardiovascular, Alzheimer's, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Malaria. See Proplex Technologies LLC.

Creative Footwear Technology

Creative Footwear Technology, a bio-design shoe manufacturing company is a partnership between Drs. James McGuire and Kendrick Whitney of Temple's School of Podiatric Medicine along with Richard Posoff, entrepreneur and Temple University to commercialize patent pending orthotic shoe and insole assemblies. The shoe design is crafted with comfort in mind and will be initially targeted to those suffering from diabetic foot ulcers. See Creative Footwear Technology.

Onconova Therapeutics Inc.

Oncova Therapeutics Inc, was formed to commercialize a wide variety of anticancer and anti-inflammatory compounds, including a new class of COX-2 inhibitors, developed by Dr. E. Premkumar Reddy and his collaborators (Biochemistry Department and Fels Institute, School of Medicine). See Onconova Therapeutics Inc..

R.E.D. Laboratories NV

R.E.D. Laboratories NV was formed to commercialize the discovery by Dr. Robert Suhadolnik and collaborators (Biochemistry Department and Fels Institute, School of Medicine) of an abnormal low molecular weight RNase L protein in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients. Prior to this discovery, no diagnostic test for CFS existed, and physicians had to rely solely on a combination of clinical symptoms, each of which can also be due to other disease conditions. See R.E.D. Laboratories NV.