For Industry & Entreprenuers

Once Temple decides to pursue an invention, the Office of Technology Development and Commercialization begins the commercialization process by determining the appropriate path to market. OTDC seeks to license Temple's intellectual property rights to a company in exchange for royalties, licensing fees and other forms of compensation. Based on the invention, intellectual property protection and market, commercial partners may include startup, small, or large companies.

In this section, view Temple's licensing opportunities, sample agreements and partnership process.

Partnering with Temple

The Office of Technology Development and Commercialization (OTDC) actively seeks partnerships with companies to commercialize Temple-owned inventions. Rights to commercialize an invention are negotiated and granted through a royalty-bearing licensing agreement managed by OTDC. Companies interested in exploring Temple's licensing opportunities can visit the iBridge Network or contact us to identify relevant opportunities.

Available Technologies

You can view Temple licensing opportunities through the iBridge Network, which provides a gateway for companies and entrepreneurs seeking university licensing opportunities. Temple University's participation in the iBridge Network is supported by Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

Sample Agreements

Companies seeking a license to commercialize Temple technologies can view the following sample Exclusive License Agreement.

Companies interested in collaborating with Temple to further validate a licensing opportunity can view the following Research and Option Agreement.

Temple's disclosure of its proprietary information requires the following One-Way Confidentiality Agreement.

Discussions involving the disclosure of proprietary information by Temple and another party shall require a mutual confidentiality agreement using the following Two-Way Confidentiality.

For Temple investigators in the transfer of their own materials to investigators at other institutions. Please consult the Materials Transfer page first.