For Faculty

Temple faculty members drive the creation of new intellectual property through research funded by federal, state, and private organizations. This section will help faculty, staff, and students understand Temple's invention disclosure, evaluation and commercialization process.

Invention Disclosure

As the first step towards a possible patent application or other appropriate form of intellectual property protection, Invention Disclosures must be made to the Office of Technology Development and Commercialization (OTDC). Disclosure should be made as early and as completely and accurately as possible (although it may be amended at any time later); the benefits of early, complete and accurate disclosure are stronger patent protection and lower legal costs.  Before deciding whether to file an Invention Disclosure, you may find it useful to discuss your ideas with the OTDC and to conduct patent and literature searches.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consult the OTDC before submitting any invention-related manuscripts for publication, making oral presentations, or disclosing an invention to companies (or other third parties); any disclosure may seriously jeopardize patentability if not handled properly.

Please submit your invention using the following Invention Disclosure Form.

Commercialization Process

After Temple decides to pursue an invention, the Office of Technology Development and Commercialization (OTDC) begins the commercialization process by determining the appropriate path to market. The office seeks to license Temple's intellectual property rights to an established or startup company in exchange for royalties, licensing fees and other forms of compensation.

Startup companies are an important vehicle for advancing technologies along the commercialization path. With assistance from several regional programs, the OTDC works with inventors to further develop inventions and facilitate the creation of new startup companies for this purpose.

Regional commercialization programs include the University City Science Center, BioStrategy Partners, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and BioAdvance.