About Us

Temple is actively working to commercialize new discoveries through corporate partnerships and new startup companies. Temple discoveries in the marketplace include sustained drug delivery technology for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests for chronic fatigue syndrome, instruments for the diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay, and pheromone attractant technology for pest control. Products in the pipeline include treatments for ocular disorders, diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer, devices to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions, and technology to treat severe lung disorders. Through continued advancement of the university's research enterprise, Temple is ensuring its place as a nexus of discovery, education, translational research and service, dedicated to improving quality of life and expanding our understanding of the world for the benefit of society.

The Office of Technology Development and Commercialization (OTDC) is charged with managing inventions created by Temple faculty, staff and students. As new intellectual property is developed the OTDC serves as the first intake point to establishes a formal record of invention using the Temple Invention Disclosure Process . Invention disclosures are then evaluated to identify opportunities with the highest probability for commercial success.

In consultation with Temple's outside patent counsel, OTDC determines an appropriate intellectual property protection (e.g. patent, copyright) and commercialization strategy for inventions Temple elects to pursue. Various marketing strategies are employed to identify companies and entrepreneurs to further develop and bring Temple's discoveries to the marketplace.


Assist faculty, staff, and students to evaluate, protect, and realize the transfer of commercially viable intellectual property to the marketplace and contribute to knowledge-based economic development of the community and beyond.

Core Goals to Support Mission "CREATE"

Communicate technology development and commercialization benefits and opportunities for the Temple community

Recognize innovators for their valuable contributions to society

Educate Temple faculty, staff and students regarding the technology development and commercialization process

Attract funding to validate technology and enable its commercialization

Transfer technology through traditional licensing and startup companies

Energize the local, state, and national economy by introducing new products and businesses into the marketplace


Office of Technology Development and Commercialization
1938 Liacouras Walk, RM 211
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6027