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Funding Opportunities

Temple University subscribes to several funding opportunity databases. Links to the Community of Science Funding Opportunities Database, and SPIN System. SPIN is available through the Temple eRA System. The databases listed below provide the ability to search for funding by key words and other selection criteria. In additional to searches for funding, the databases such as COS and SPIN have the capabilities to search for collaborators in your field. All databases are fairly intuitive but none are all inclusive. Each database is updated daily. Where possible, all databases have direct links from their records to funding entity web sites for primary source information and/or e-mail sites for direct communication. Some allow you to select from their keyword thesaurus and/or do free-text searching.

Be sure to sign up for the email alert notices where available. In particular, the Community of Science system is allows funding opportunity alerts to be targeted to individual research interests based on a faculty profile. To date, over 700 Temple faculty members have created a faculty profile.

    This service is available to anyone at Temple University.
  • Sponsored Program Information Network - SPIN
    SPIN provides web based information resources and searchable databases for federal and non-federal funding opportunities. It includes the InfoEd Commerce Business Daily and a SPIN keyword thesaurus. It also provides listings of upcoming deadlines and allows you to customize your own e-mail notifications of funding information using SMARTS/GENIUS.
  • The Grant Advisor 
    A newsletter which provides a valuable source of information of grant and fellowship opportunities for U.S. institutions of higher education. The newsletter covers all federal agencies except NIH plus many independent organizations and foundations.
  • GrantsNet
    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) provides this site which offers an extensive searchable database of fellowships, grants, and sources of support for training in sciences and science education.
    This is a site maintained by the Federal government that has the ability to search for Federal government-wide grant opportunities.

External Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding Opportunities

You can also request to be included in a weekly funding opportunity email. If you would like to be included, send a request to and you will be added to the Funding Opportunities List.

Identifying Funding Sources

One of the missions of Grants Management is to assist faculty in identifying funding sources for intellectual research. The most up up-to-date information is available via the Web and we encourage faculty to make use of the many electronic tools available for locating funding opportunities

In addition Grants Management provides the following services to investigators, including information on how to request these services.

  • Printed & Electronic Information
    Grants Management staff routinely monitor publications and computer data bases that identify, list and describe funding sources and opportunities for external support. Sources include funding newsletters such as Federal Grants and Contracts Weekly, Federal Research Report, Federal Register, The NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts, FEDBIZOPPs, and State Funding Opportunities.
  • Reference Books
    Grants Management also encourages investigators to use Paley Library to secure general reference books pertaining to sponsored project activities.
  • Private & Corporate Sources Of Support
    The Office of Development and Alumni/ea Affairs works in conjunction with Grants Management to identify foundation and corporate support. For assistance in identifying funding sources in the engineering, physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, medical and life sciences, please contact Grants Management.

Information Dissemination

  • Faculty Mailings
    Grants Management staff distribute electronically copies of funding opportunity notices to centers, colleges, departments, and individual faculty. To sign on, contact Eleanor Cicinsky –
  • Community of Science
    Temple University is licensed to use the Community of Science Funding Opportunities database. The database is capable of distributing information based on faculty research interest profiles that are part of the users profile. If you are a new user and would like to construct a profile go to If you are already registered with COS, go directly to For help with registration, contact Eleanor Cicinsky at (215) 204-8691.
  • Grants Workshop
    Grants Management offers workshops on opportunities and strategies for obtaining grants. The Office tailors workshops either to specific departments or to broader audiences such as the social sciences, humanities, physical and life sciences. If interested in suggesting a future workshop topic, please contact Grants Management.
  • Assistance In Contacting Sponsors
    To assist faculty in contacting federal or corporate sponsors, the Office maintains a current copy of the Federal Yellow Pages, a phone directory of the major offices of the federal government. For further assistance in contacting federal agencies and corporate sponsors, please contact Grants Management.

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