A major priority for the the Office of the Vice Provost for Research is the development of interdisciplinary research that builds on the strengths of the Temple University research community.

Our primary mechanism for supporting the advancement of interdisciplinary research is to organize steering committees for interdisciplinary research and facilitate the implementation of research exchanges organized by the steering committees that have been established. The aim of the exchanges is to bring together a broad cross-section of faculty from across the entire university to learn about the interests and activities connected with the theme of the research exchange. The outcomes of the exchanges will include such deliverables as: concept papers for new research activities that can be undertaken by interdisciplinary teams, proposals for external funding, teams to develop new programs for graduate training that can strengthen interdisciplinary research, and ongoing efforts and structures to continue to advance interdisciplinary research efforts related to the themes undertaken.

In addition to the creation of steering committees charged with organizing interdisciplinary research exchanges, we have established a number of working groups focused on specific research topics with the aim of applying for external grants and contracts.

Finally, our office partners with colleges, schools and departments to sponsor one-time conferences and symposium events that showcase the excellence of our interdisciplinary research, performance, and scholarship.

For further information about these programs, please contact our office.

Upcoming Events:

 Save the Date: Gene Environment Interactions Research Exchange- Friday, March 2, 8:30 - 1 PM 2/7/12

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research will host a Research Exchange on Gene-Environment Interactions and how they relate to human health and health care outcomes. The event will be held in the 1810 Liacouras Walk Conference Room on the morning of March 2, 2012, from 8:30 - 1 pm. Breakfast and Lunch will be served.

The Research Exchange aims to draw together Temple University's diverse array of scientists and scholars in biomedical sciences, geographic information science, engineering, business, bioinformatics and information science, geography, chemistry, physics, public health, community outreach, and other areas to discuss integrated approaches for research and program development on this topic to increase our competitiveness for large grant opportunities and funding initiatives. The goals of the exchange are to identify new opportunities for interdisciplinary and cross-college collaboration; to develop Temple University's impact in this exciting emerging area of study, such as developing one or more collaborative grant applications; and to identify, prioritize and develop new educational initiatives.

Participants are invited to share more information about their research activities related to this theme by completing the following survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GKB8S9H

Please indicate your interest by replying to Chetachi Odelugo at tub65726@temple.edu