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Pennsylvania Residency

Completed PA Residency petitions must be uploaded via TUportal.

1. Sign-in to TUportal
2. Click on the Student Tools tab
3. Navigate to University Forms
4. Select University Registrar under Office/Description
5. Click on the PA Residency link

Petition deadlines:
Spring: November 15th - January 30th
Summer I: April 16th - May 14th
Summer II: May 15th - June 14th
Fall: June 15th - September 15th

Students can track the status of their petition in TUportal. An email notification of your decision will be sent via Tumail within 30 days of a completed petition being received.

Late petition will not be accepted.

Pennsylvania Residency Guidelines and Application

Definition of PA Residency

Frequently Asked Residency Application Questions:

Pennsylvania Residency Procedures:

Guides to Pennsylvania Residency: