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Residency Verification

What does Residency Audit mean?
The Office of the University Registrar conducts periodic review of student records for accuracy. During an audit of our records, we may find a discrepancy related to a student's Pennsylvania residency status which must be verified according to the Commonwealth guidelines. The discrepancy can be corrected by providing supporting documents that validate the student's in-state residency classification.

Who does this apply to?
Only students selected for verification. Students selected for the Verification will receive an email from the Office of the University Registrar.

What happens if I am selected for a verification?
You will receive an email with instructions for submitting docments to support your in-state classficiation. The email will include a deadline by which the documents must be upload via TUportal.

What documents are required to satisfy the audit?

    a. Government issued photo ID showing the current address.
    b.The first page of Pennsylvania state tax form showing the current mailing address for the requested year. Financial information must be redacted. Federal tax form will not be considered. If you are a dependent for tax purpose, then you will have to submit your parent's or gaurdian's tax forms showing you are a dependent. Financial information must be redacted.

If the Pennsylvania tax document or a government issued photo ID is not availalbe, please upload a letter explaining why. All other documents submited in place of the above requested document will not be considered.

The requested documents must be uploaded. Documents sent via email will be discarded.

To submit your documents, please follow these steps:
1. Sign into TUcredentials with your TUportal username and password.
2. Click on PII/Name Change. 3. Select Residency Audit as the request type.
4. Upload the requested documents.
5. Enter comments (optional)
6. Click Submit Request.
7.Click Confirm.

What if I do not submit the documents?
If we do not receive the requested documents before the deadline, the student will be reclassified as a non-Pennsylvania resident which will update their tuition to the out-of-state rate.

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Who do I contact for assistance?
For inquires related to the audit, please reply to the email you received.