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Conwell Hall

Add/Replace Course

Applies to: Undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, and non-degree undergraduate level students

Professional level students (Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Podiatric Medicine): Contact your advisor for assistance with registration

Students without active registration holds
To add/replace one or more course(s):
1. Sign-in to TUportal.
2. Click on the Student Tools tab.
3. Click Register for Classes in the Registration channel to redirect to SSB9 Registration
4. Select the term
5. For to the course to replace select "drop" from the dropdown menu, then "register" for the new course.
Note: The system will drop the course you want to replace, then the system will attempt to register (add) you in the new course. Both transctions are independent of each other.

Students with financial delinquency holds
Email the Office of the Bursar’s Credit and Collections Office at to request assistance temporarily lifting the hold to add/replace one or more course(s). Since all prior balances must be satisfied in-full to allow registration activity, there is no guarantee that a financial delinquency hold can be temporarily lifted.

Students with a non-financial delinquency hold preventing registration changes
To add/replace one or more course(s):
1. Complete this schedule revision form.
2. Email the completed form to your advisor from your TUmail email account.

Other information
Students are expected:
* To be knowledgeable and aware of their course requirements as indicated in their degree audit report (DARS).
* To acknowledge that approval to add a course may be limited to available seats, instructor permission, and/or satisfactory completion of applicable pre-requisites.
* To contact their advisor if they have questions about course requirements.

Relevant information:
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Drop and withdrawal deadlines for each parts of term.
Discontinuing from courses policy section of the bulletin.
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