Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are an essential tool to increase your interpersonal skills and help you to be successful in future interviews. Thirty minute practice interviews are conducted by employers and professional staff to allow students an opportunity to engage employers, develop confidence in their personal brand, and receive constructional feedback on how they might improve. Prior sign-up is required.

Sign up for Mock Interview

To schedule a mock interview, please call the Career Center at 215-204-7981.

What will happen during the Interview

The interview is designed to help you learn to effectively present your skills, experience, and professionalism. Your interview will be approximately 20 minutes, and the remaining time will be used for you and the interviewer to discuss and critique your skills, and to address questions you may have. Please understand this is meant to IMPROVE your skills and therefore constructive criticism is essential. If you have questions or concerns about the feedback you receive please follow up with a member of the Career Center Staff.

Prepare for Your Mock Interview

Take time to review interviewing tips (Interviewing & Professional Dress), and treat this like a real interview! Be prepared to talk about yourself – interests, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. If you do not have a lot of work experience you should be prepared to discuss classroom projects, community service or volunteerism, and other ways you are engaged on campus or within the Temple community.

Class Assignments

Mock Interviews for class assignments will not be given during finals week. It is your responsibility to get your mock interview completed in a timely fashion, which meets your instructor’s deadline.


All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance; so the cancellation is logged no later than the business day prior to the appointment. For example, cancellation of a Monday interview must be made, at latest, on Friday - the previous business day.

If you need to cancel your mock interview, for any reason, use the link provided in your confirmation e-mail. When you cancel, you will be prompted to release your time slot. You have the opportunity to register for another mock interview time slot, if you desire. If you cannot locate your confirmation email please email the Career Center at

No-Show Policy

The Career Center is committed to your success. Your success is determined by your ability to make a great impression and live up to your commitments. Failure to show up for an interview is not only a reflection on you, but reflects poorly on Temple University. Below is an outline of the policy for no-showing an interview

1st No-Show: Your access to Handshake will be limited to "browse only" until a letter of apology is sent to the employer with a copy sent to the Associate Director of Employer Partnerships,

2nd No-Show: Your access to Handshake will be limited to "browse only" until the following items are completed:
1. Schedule an appointment to meet with the Associate Director,
2. Attendance at a Career Center event (professional development event, career coaching session, etc). Click Here for a schedule of Career Center events.

REMINDER: Please understand the commitment that employers and alumni are making to come to campus for interviews and Career Fairs. To cancel last minute or no-show for an event or interview negatively impacts you, the Career Center, and Temple University. We ask that you make your best first impression with all of our employer partners! For questions, please contact Erin Lemons at 215-204-7981.






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