Academic Programs

At Temple, academic programs are at the heart of our world-class institution. The Office of Academic Affairs, Assessment and Institutional Research provides oversight and support for establishing, terminating and changing academic programs at all stages of the program approval process including the Board of Trustees and its committees.


Under the heading 'forms,' you'll find a chart called The Academic Programs Definitions which explains the types of academic programs here at Temple. These include majors, minors, and certificates.

The Action Type Definitions document, also found under forms, outlines the types of actions for establishing, terminating and changing academic programs.

Submitting a Proposal

Below you'll find an overview and guidelines for the process of submitting a proposal to establish, change, or terminate an academic program.

Understanding the Process

1. Review University Policy on Establishing, Restructuring and Terminating Academic Program (policy 02.60.01)

2. Attend an academic program planning session or review overview of the process.

Preparing & Submitting a Proposal

3. Complete Request to Establish, Terminate, or Change an Academic Program form

4. Submit proposal that includes the required elements (see proposal guidelines)

  • If the proposal is for an undergraduate program it should be submitted to the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies.
  • If the proposal is for a graduate program, it should be submitted to the Graduate School.
  • If the proposal is for a professional program, it should be submitted to the Office of the Deputy Provost.

5. Once a proposal is submitted, the academic program may be invited to meet with Undergraduate Studies, the Graduate School, or the Office of the Provost to review the proposal and discuss any necessary clarifications or revisions.

6. Representatives from the Provost's Office will carefully review the proposal and consult with other university offices as appropriate. These offices may include, but are not restricted to: the Libraries, Budget Office, Office of Planning and Policy Analysis, Office of Academic Records, Office of Space Planning, Student Financial Services (Financial Aid), Bursar's Office, Administrative Computing and Academic Computing.

7. Upon approval by the provost, the Final Proposal will be transmitted to the president. The president may then recommend that the proposal move forward to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees. The academic unit will be notified when the proposal is scheduled to be presented to the Academic Affairs Committee.

8. If the Academic Affairs Committee recommends the action, it will be presented to the full Board of Trustees at its next meeting.

9. Once approved by the Board, an implementation group convened by the Office of the Provost, will discuss systems and implementation issues. The department will be consulted with and informed of changes in Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes or any other systems implications.

Temple Review of Academic Programs and Courses (TRAC)

TRAC is the Temple website for review of academic programs and courses. This site has been created to facilitate the review of course and academic program proposals. Information on courses being proposed or revised is updated on the first working day of every month and program proposals are posted five times per academic year according to the timeline for the Board of Trustees meetings. Information is removed at the close of the review period.

Schedule & Deadlines

Initial Submission of Proposal to Office of the Provost Submission of Final proposal to Office of Provost Posting and Comment Period (10 business days) Submission of Agenda Items to Office of the Secretary Academic Affairs Committee Meeting Board of Trustees Meeting
9/28/20 10/12/20 10/26/20 – 11/6/20 11/16/20 12/7/20 12/8/20
1/4/211 1/18/21 2/1/21 – 2/12/21 2/22/21 3/15/21 3/16/21
3/1/21 3/15/21 3/29/21 – 4/9/21 4/19/21 5/10/21 5/11/21
8/23/21 9/7/21 9/20/21 – 10/1/21 10/11/21 11/2/21 11/3/21

UPDATED 7/13/21 – Dates listed in red have been updated to reflect a change in the meeting schedule.

1 Deadline moved up to reflect winter break. Units, however are encouraged to submit initial proposals in advance of the winter break.

*The May cycle is the final opportunity to establish, terminate or change programs for the upcoming academic year. The October meeting may not be used to make program changes for the current fall semester. The timely approval of programs and program changes is essential to ensuring accurate program information in all publications and degree audit reports.

To assist you with your planning and preparation, the Graduate School is providing additional information about submission deadlines for consideration of proposals by the Graduate Board:

2020-21 Graduate Board Meetings Graduate Board Submission Deadline (two weeks before meeting) Anticipated AAC/BOT Meeting
10/14/20 9/30/20 December
11/12/20 10/29/20 March
1/13/21 12/20/20 March or May
2/11/21 1/28/21 May
3/11/21 2/25/21 May
4/15/21 4/1/21 October
Summer Electronic Vote 7/27/21 October