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Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program of Temple University School of Pharmacy

Online MS in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance (RAQA)

Yes. You can complete our MS in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance (RAQA) entirely online.

You can also complete almost all certificates online, including:

Drug Development * Basic Pharmaceutical Development * Biosimilars and Generic Drugs * Clinical Trial Management * Food RA and QA * Global Pharmacovigilance: Benefit/Risk Assessment * Labeling, Advertising and Promotions * Medical Devices * Sterile Process Manufacturing * Validation Sciences * Post Master's Certificates in Ad vanced QA and RA.

Online courses are offered in real time. You participate in class each week at a specific time, watching a live lecture given by your instructor. The learning material is fresh and new and enables you to interact with other professionals across the country and world.

Adobe Connect allows you to watch and participate in classes using a computer with a high-speed internet connection. You can:

We offer all of the required courses for the MS in RA and QA online, including:
Drug Development (5459)
Food and Drug Law (5592)
Good Manufacturing Practices (5477)
Good Clinical Practices (5536)
Good Laboratory Practices (5476)
Advanced GMPs - Defining "c" (5479)
IND/NDA Submissions (5495)
Quality Audit (5494)

Plus we offer over sixty electives online:

Pharmacology & Pharmacokinetics (5401)
Pharmacoeconomics (5408)
Statistical Quality Control (5451)
The Global Biopharmaceutical Industry (5458)
Validation of Facilities, Utilities, and Equipment (FUE) (5468)
Biotechnology: Bioprocess Basics (5471)
Pharmaceutical Marketing (5472)
Generic Drug Regulation: ANDAs (5473)
Process Validation (5474)
High Purity Water Systems (5478)
Pre-Approval Inspections (5491)
Production of Sterile Products (5492)
Sterilization Processes: Manufacturing (5493)
Regulation of Medical Devices: Compliance (5496)
Statistics for Clinical Trials (5497)
Computerized System Validation (5498)
Development of Sterile Products (5501)
Regulation of Medical Devices: Submissions (5502)
Design Controls – Devices and Combination Products (5503)
Global Regulation of Medical Devices (5505)
Good Pharmacovigilance Operations (5508)
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) (5513)
Regulatory eSubmissions (5514)
Biologics/Biosimilars: A Regulatory Overview (5515)
Cleaning Validation (5516)
Global Labeling Regulation: Principles and Practices (5532)
Requirements for Product Labeling and Advertising (5533)
Regulatory Aspects of Biomedical/Technical Communications (5534)
Advanced Topics in Labeling Development (5535)
Clinical Trial Management (5537)
Clinical Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance (5538)
Global Clinical Drug Development (5539)
Pharmaceutical Packaging: Technology and Regulation (5541)
Regulatory Intelligence (5544)
Post Approval Changes (5545)
Global Pharmaceutical Excipient Regulation (5546)
Project Management for Clinical Trials (5547)
Risk Management of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices (5548)
Post-Marketing Safety Surveillance (5571)
Vaccines: RA and QA Issues (5572)
Pharmacoepidemiology (5573)
Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems (5574)
Regulatory Sciences: Managing the Guidelines for Quality (5575)
Global CMCs and Regulatory Dossiers (5576)
Global CMCs for Biopharmaceuticals (5577)
Risk Management and Safety Signaling of Healthcare Products (5578)
Regulatory and Legal Basis of Pharmacovigilance (5579)
Global Regulatory Affairs (5591)
Regulation of Dietary Supplements and Functional Food (5594)
Food Law (5595)
Food Labeling and Regulatory Affairs (5596)
Food GMPs (5597)
Clinical Aspects of Pharmaceutical Medicine I (5599)
Industry Interactions with FDA/Health Authorities (5601)
Advanced Topics in Food and Drug Law (5605)
Regulatory Strategy: Discovery to Approval (5606)
Regulation of Advertising and Promotions (5611)
Bioethics for Pharmaceutical Professionals (5612)
Project Management for Pharmaceutical Professionals (5621)
Clinical Data Management (5618)
Statistical Design of Experiments (5627)
Process Monitoring (5629)
Current Global Regulatory Issues (5650)
ICH Guidelines (5650)
Current Medical Device Issues (5650)
Analytical Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Laboratories (5655)
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing I: Preformulation/Formulation (8003)
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing II: Solid Dosage Forms (8004)
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (8005)

Our online classes combine the immediate exchange of knowledge of a traditional classroom with the convenience and flexibility of online learning. As long as you have a laptop or computer with a high-speed connection, you can attend class at home, in your office, or on the road.

You must purchase a microphone headset and webcam to participate in our online courses. These items enable your instructors and other students to see and hear you during class meetings, enhancing everyone's class experience.

We use a synchronous, online platform since class dialogue and interaction are so critical to understanding quality and regulatory principles. Our online classes offer the same outstanding curriculum as our live classes at Fort Washington and are taught by the same instructors. To find out more or to ask for a brochure, email

Temple’s RA and QA graduate program is also happy to videoconference courses directly to pharmaceutical companies. Contact for more information.

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