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Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program of Temple University School of Pharmacy



How do I register for a Temple RA and QA course?

Email ( or fax (267.468.8565) these completed forms to the Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Office:

  1. The Registration Form for your site: the forms are different for videoconferenced courses and online courses. Please use the correct one.
  2. State Residency Form (new students only)
  3. A signed copy of your resume and photocopies of college transcripts.
  4. New students - please include a recent photograph of yourself. This can be a hard copy photo or an electronic one.
  5. International students - please include copies of TOEFL (or IELTS) scores and WES (or ECE) reports.

You do not need to apply for a certificate or the M.S. degree to take a course.  You can explore the RA and QA program by taking up to three courses and then decide whether you’ll pursue a certificate, the master’s degree – or both.

How do I know if I’ve been accepted into a course?
If you’re a new student, the Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Office will send you an email when you're officially registered. That email will include your new TUid number.  Please don’t lose your TUid. You'll need it to register for future semesters, plus it provides access to the TU Portal and Temple's Banner system, which enables you to view tuition statements, transcripts, application status and other academic information. If you do not receive any information from Temple within a week, please contact Ms. Patricia Lee at

How much time do I have to register?  Do classes fill up?
Yes, our classes fill.  Register early to guarantee your spot.  Registration is “first come/first served.” If you wait until the course begins, you may not be able to enroll.

What is the cut off date for registration?
Generally students must be officially registered the day before a class begins. Please check the policies at your company. Some require students to be registered early to receive reimbursement. If a class has already started, late registrants are added only if space is still available.

Can I use Banner to sign up for a class at a remote site?
No. All students must forward registration forms to the RA and QA Office.  You may use Banner to view your bill and obtain your transcript, but you cannot register through Banner. We must process forms manually.

What if I need to drop a course?  Will I get my money back?
If you drop a course by the stated deadline, you will receive a complete refund.  See:

Bills and Tuition

How much does Temple charge for a Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance course?
See our tuition link.
Books are not included in these tuition fees.

How do I get a copy of my tuition bill?
Temple issues tuition statements electronically through TUmail. Please check your TUmail account on a regular basis, since the University will send other official updates to you through TUmail.

Will I have to pay immediately when I register for a course?
Please read the Schedule Notes (on the main RA and QA homepage) or the Remote Billing Procedures posted on your sites homepage. These links contain important registration information and payment dates.

Whom should I call if I have a question about the billing statement?
Please call Ms. Sylvia McNally at 267.468.8563.

How do I get reimbursed by my company for RA and QA courses?
Please contact your company's Human Resources Department for the forms and procedures you must follw. We advise informing your immediate supervisor that you are pursuing RAQA courses. It lets your manager know you have the initiative to advance yourself by taking graduate courses and also helps you with following company protocol.

Class Location

Where will Temple University classes be held at my site?
We post scheduling information as quickly as possible. Often we update the RA and QA web pages several times a day to reflect changes in the schedule, room assignments, unanticipated cancellations, and so forth.  Make sure you check the RA and QA homepage for your site before going to your first class.  If the information is not there, please call the RA and QA Office at 267.468.8560.

Class Scheduling

How long do Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance courses run (hours and days)?
Each course meets for a minimum of 36 hours of classroom instruction.  Some instructors meet for 10 weeks (3 ½ hours per night); others meets for 12 weeks (3 hours per night).  Weekend scheduling also varies, but all courses meet for 36 hours.

What if there is a problem with the class meeting times?
Our website serves as the official schedule for all RA and QA courses.  All scheduled classes must follow the stated schedule.  Make-up dates are included in case of weather emergencies or unanticipated events. Please reserve all make-up dates. If there is a problem with how your class is meeting, email

Class Materials
How do I order books for RAQA courses?
When available, we list ISBN numbers for all required texts. We suggest students order texts through our Temple University Ambler Bookstore. You may also call them at 267.468.8460.

You are welcome to purchase your books from other sources.  We strongly suggest that you attend the first class before purchasing textbooks, in case your instructor changes the required text or the edition.

The RAQA Graduate Program is not responsible for returns or shipping charges for books purchased for any course, regardless of whether the course is cancelled or the instructor changes the text.

How do I obtain other class materials for my RA and QA courses?
Innstructors will announce whether they post course materials on Blackboard. If they do, students are responsible for checking Blackboard and downloading materials before each class.  Your instructor may also provide photocopied materials, which will be distributed by the Student Leader for your class.

Technical Problems with Class Transmissions

Our site is having technical problems with the delivery of class. Help!
We apologize.  Our goal is to make remote class transmission as seamless as possible.  Please inform us immediately if there are technical problems.  A technician is always available at Fort Washington and should be able to fix the problem on the spot.  Class leaders should contact Dave Brickett at 267.468.8566 or  If Dave doesn’t answer, please call the main number at 267.468.8560. Also, please send a note to  We will investigate the situation and try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Grades and Transcripts

When are Temple transcripts available?
The fastest way to view your transcript is through Self-Service Banner.

Most companies accept Banner transcripts for reimbursement, as long as they display the University logo.

  • Fall transcripts are usually available right before the winter break. 
  • Spring transcripts are usually available by early May.
  • Summer transcripts are available in mid- to late August. 

If your grade is not in Banner by these dates, please contact your instructor to make sure it was submitted.  After that, call Ms. Sylvia McNally at 267.468.8563.

My transcript shows a grade of NR or MG. What does that mean?

NR means "not recorded." MG means "missing grade." Please contact your instructor to see if grades have been submitted for your class.


What programs does Temple offer in RA and QA?
Temple offers a Master of Science in Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs.  Students may also earn certificates in Drug Development, Clinical Trial Management, Basic Pharmaceutical Development, Medical Devices, GMPs for the 21st Century, Biopharmaceuticals and Generic Drugs, and Global Pharmacovigilance:  Benefit-Risk Assessment, Labeling, Advertising, and Promotions, Food RA and QA, Sterile Process Manufacturing, and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and RA (Biotechnology).

We also offer Post Master's certificate for students who have already earned a graduate degree.  For more information:

Students may:
·   just complete a certificate
·   complete a certificate and the MS
·   just complete the MS
·   just take a single course (or courses) for personal enrichment

The choice is yours!

How do I apply to the various programs?
See this link.

GRE (Graduate Record Exam)
Do I need to take the GRE for the RA and QA program?
No. The GRE is no longer required for students who have earned a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in their undergraduate degree.

Students who did not attain a 3.0 undergraduate GPA may be considered for admission after taking three RA and QA graduate courses, if they earn a minimum grade of B+ or higher in each of the three courses. One of the three courses must be Food and Drug Law I (Pharmaceutics 5592).


Do you have a question we haven't answered?
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