International Admissions

France, China, Korea, Nigeria and Turkey are just a few of the more than 100 countries represented in Temple University’s student body. Students come to Temple from around the world for many reasons. Our reputation for educational excellence is global. Our location in Philadelphia and our proximity to New York and Washington, D.C., is unbeatable. And the opportunities and experiences we offer are transformational. 

At Temple, you can broaden your knowledge in an environment that celebrates diversity and fosters growth. Open the door to a brighter future, expand your horizons and discover what it means to be Temple Made. 

Services for Temple University's International Applicants

Undergraduate Admissions

Nearly 1,500 international students enrich and enliven our classrooms. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences bring fresh perspectives to in-class discussions and help open doors to new ideas. Follow our checklist to submit an international undergraduate application online now. Learn more about undergraduate admissions for international students.

Graduate Admissions

A graduate degree from Temple is a much sought-after “next step” for students from around the world who want to advance their careers. Grounded in experience and research, our graduate programs build innovators and leaders. Learn more about Temples graduate admissions.

International Student and Scholar Services

Living and studying in a foreign country can be challenging. To help make your stay easier, International Student and Scholar Services  can assist you with legal documentation, help you fit into the Temple community, and provide you with advisory and counseling services. Learn more about Temples international student services.

International Affairs

Foreign students coming to Temple or Temple students traveling abroad often seek help from our Office of International Affairs, which oversees all our study-abroad programs, worldwide campuses, global partnerships and efforts to internationalize curricula. Learn more about International Affairs.

Intensive English Language Program Admissions

English is spoken in nearly 60 countries around the world, but it can be a difficult language to master. To help non-native speakers of English, we offer a range of courses through our Intensive English Language Program. Learn more.