Pronoun Use at Temple University

To foster diversity and create a sense of belonging for the Temple community, the university recognizes the importance of providing students, faculty, staff and alumni the option to indicate their pronouns in university systems. Pronouns enable community members to be reflected appropriately in university systems and help to ensure they are referred to appropriately by peers, instructors and administrators.

Beginning in the fall 2021 term, students, faculty, staff and alumni can update their pronouns in the Manage My Account section of TUportal. This function will allow students, faculty, staff and alumni to display pronouns in designated systems (see ‘Use in Administrative Systems’ section below for details).

Gender Identity at Temple University

Gender identity is defined as an individual's sense of self. The university recognizes that the gender of individuals may differ from their sex assigned at birth, and this can be indicated throughout university systems where appropriate. 

Beginning in the fall 2021 term, members of the Temple community can update their gender identity with the university in the Manage My Account section of TUportal

Use in Administrative Systems

Pronoun Information

Pronouns will be visible to everyone in the following university systems.

  • Cherry and White Directory 
  • My Courses application in TUportal
  • Canvas learning management software
  • Internal University Housing and Residential Life systems

This list indicates areas where pronouns will be automatically populated from data entered into TUportal. To further an environment of inclusivity and respect surrounding pronoun use, individuals are encouraged to incorporate their pronouns in the following ways.

  • Zoom: It is common practice for individuals to include their pronouns next to their name in Zoom. To do this, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your Zoom square, click “rename” and add your pronouns in parentheses after your name [for example, Stella Owl (they/them)]. 
  • Email signatures: Individuals are welcomed and encouraged to use the below email signature template to incorporate their pronouns into their Temple email signature.
    • Use the example below to update your email signature in Outlook.

      Stella T. Owl
      Pronouns: they/them
      Temple University's Live Mascot
      Temple University

Gender Information

Gender information will only be visible to the individuals themselves, as well as certain administrators with access to legal sex information in Self-service Banner and will not be visible in Cherry and White Directory, My Courses, or Canvas. 

Presently, the university collects legal sex information in order to ensure we can verify your credentials when contacted by external agencies. These records include financial records, human resource records, library records, and educational history records such as transcripts and diplomas. An individual’s legal sex information, as well as gender information, is only visible in Self-service Banner to the individuals themselves and to administrators with query access to biographical information for regulatory reporting purposes, but not to instructors or peers. 

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