COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

All individuals, including test candidates, coming to Temple University’s campuses are required to follow the university’s COVID-19 safety guidelines. This includes facial coverings, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and health monitoring. Please review the GUIDELINES prior to coming to campus.

Additional COVID-19 Information and Resources can be found here.

NOTICE: Our Testing Center has temporarily moved locations.

We are now located in Paley Room G14

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Please contact us at or (215)-204-8611 for any questions.

Exam Services

The mission of Institutional Research and Assessment's Exam Services unit is to provide quality customer service, timely data processing and fair and professional test administration for students, faculty, administrators and the broader non-Temple community. We are committed to safeguarding confidential information and providing an optimal testing experience in compliance with the National College Testing Association's (NCTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines and Temple University policy.

Classroom Exam Processing

IRA offers classroom examination scoring services to members of Temple University's faculty. Faculty are required to submit a Classroom Examination Processing Request form, test data and answer keys on approved optical scanning ("bubble") forms. After the exam processing is completed, IRA produces a detailed Item Analysis (IAP) report, along with summary and raw data files, in about one day. Processing status and all output is delivered through IRA's Exam Access System (EAS) website.

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Placement Assessments

Temple University Placement Assessments are designed to help assess a student's mastery of certain basic skills, identify their particular strengths and weaknesses, and assist in designing their program of study. The goal of Placement Assessments is to place each student in appropriate courses so that they have the best chance to succeed at Temple.

Placement Assessments are offered in English, Math and Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German and Italian).

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Graduate & Professional Schools Entrance Exams

IRA administers a number of computer-based and paper graduate and professional school entrance exams including GRE, LSAT, MAT, MPRE and Praxis.

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CLEP Testing

CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the country. IRA administers CLEP tests once a month in our testing lab, by appointment only.

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GED Exam

Temple administers the online General Education Development (GED) test for individuals who have not completed high school and are seeking to obtain a Certificate of High School Equivalency Diploma.

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Distance Learning / Proctored Exams

IRA proctors Distance Learning exams for individuals who need to take a proctored test remotely for another university, a company or agency. All Distance Learning/Proctored Exams are by appointment only.

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Other Data Processing Services

IRA offers Frequency Distribution Processing services for faculty and departments that have developed their own evaluations and need a method to capture and summarize evaluation data. IRA provides descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, and frequency distribution) for each item and a raw scan data text file for each request.

IRA also offers research data scanning services to Temple University students, faculty, and administrators who want to capture data from bubble forms for their own analysis.

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Other Tests

IRA administers a number of other tests including the ACT, SAT, accreditation and certification exams, and the ETS Proficiency Profile.

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