College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the country. There are 33 different examinations which allow students to demonstrate knowledge in a wide range of subjects. This knowledge may have come from formal education, job experience, or through independent reading, observation or study. The CLEP examinations are offered by the College Board.

CLEP is administered as a computer-based test. For additional information about CLEP, including descriptions of CLEP exams, a listing of test centers, and important CLEP addresses and phone numbers, visit the College Board's CLEP website.

CLEP Testing at Temple

Temple is an "open" testing center -- anyone who is properly registered may test here. It is critical, however, that persons considering taking a CLEP test first gather all relevant information about their higher education institution's CLEP credit-granting policies. Policies vary among institutions concerning the CLEP examinations that are acceptable for credit.

Temple University students must determine which CLEP examinations are acceptable for their purposes.

Temple University students who are considering a CLEP exam should consult the Undergraduate Bulletin for current credit-granting policies and also Temple's Credit for Prior Learning webpage for policies and equivalency charts.

Students at institutions other than Temple, must contact someone who has knowledge of the institution's policies regarding CLEP (e.g., advisors or deans).

The College Board's CLEP website also has information about choosing exams.

Registering to take the CLEP Test at Temple University

CLEP Exams are administered at Temple by appointment only.

Registration to take the CLEP test at Temple University is a two-step process:

  1. Go to the CLEP website and register to take one or more CLEP tests. On the CLEP website you will have to create an account (if it is your first time) and then select which test(s) you want to take. There is an $89 registration fee for each test you want to take.
  2. Click Here to Register for a CLEP Test at the College Board's CLEP website

  3. To take your CLEP test(s) at Temple University, you must then click on the link below to make an appointment to take your CLEP test(s) at Temple University. The administration fee to take a CLEP test at Temple University is $30 per test.
  4. Click Here to Make an Appointment to Take you CLEP Test(s) at Temple University

CLEP Score Reports

At the time of testing, candidates may designate one score recipient ($20 each additional). Candidates should bring the exact name and mailing address of the score recipient to ensure score reporting is not delayed.

Scores are issued by The College Board. If the candidate elects to submit the exam for processing, the candidate will receive a score report immediately (with the exception of the English Composition with Essay). The designated score recipient should receive the scores approximately three weeks after testing. There may be an additional charge by The College Board, if a duplicate score report is requested.