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Reference Materials

CIP Code Reclassification Request Process

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) is a taxonomic coding scheme of instructional programs. This document outlines guidelines for requesting a CIP Code reclassification.

Data Glossary

This document is a collection of terms and variable definitions commonly used in the universities reports. The definitions were compiled from various sources including IPEDS, Common Data Set and Temple's reporting standards.

Census Dates for Official University Reporting

Calendar of Census points used for official enrollment, credit hour generation, RCM reporting, and end of semester grade reporting.

Report Automation

The office of Data Analysis and Reporting has developed automated reporting for official university reports. The report automation method is outlined in this document.


External Resources

IPEDS Data Center

Association for Institutional Research (AIR)

Northeast Association for Institutional Research (NEAIR)

American Council on Education

PA Department of Education Data & Statistics