Administering Surveys

Various university constituents use surveys to gather useful data regarding students, faculty and staff at Temple. This web page is designed to provide information and resources for those interested in administering a survey to Temple students, faculty, and/or staff.

Temple University Survey Coordinating Committee

In recent years, the university has seen a significant increase in the use of survey research, and a concomitant decrease in survey response rates. The Temple University Survey Coordinating Committee (TUSCC) was initiated to coordinate the administration of institutional surveys involving students, faculty, and staff at the University, with the intent of maximizing the usefulness and power of the data generated from these surveys. TUSCC employs standards, criteria, and procedures with the intent to:

  • ensure that surveys are well designed and administered appropriately,
  • decrease the number of surveys administered to the same populations,
  • ensure that students are not being surveyed during the opening weeks of the semester, study days, exam periods and/or as new students transition into the university,
  • protect certain student populations from survey requests (including incoming freshmen as they transition into the university),
  • reduce the collection of duplicate information from different surveys,
  • track the level of survey research imposed on various university constituencies,
  • ensure surveys are collecting appropriate information in support of the university's strategic goals and accreditation needs, and
  • encourage the communication and appropriate use of survey results within the Temple community.

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Approval Process for Surveys of Students, Faculty, and/or Staff

If an office, department, or individual is interested in administering a survey to a large group or sample from the Temple community, the survey representative must first complete an application, specifying the purpose, design, and timeframe of the proposed survey. This application should be electronically submitted to

To assure the protection of human subjects and to comply with federal law, Temple University requires that, prior to initiation, all research projects involving human subjects be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Studies with IRB approval may require additional approval of the survey committee, who meets regularly and reviews applications for surveys. Applications will be reviewed as quickly as possible, but the TUSCC often requires additional information, which may add time that should be included in the survey administration schedule.

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Note: Except under rare circumstances, survey research requests from students will not be approved. An exception may be made if the research meets the relevant good practices requirements and is approved by the TUSCC, and the survey is approved by the student's Dean and is sent out under the Dean's auspices.

Services and Assistance Available

There are resources available to the University community to assist in the development, administration, and analysis of surveys. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) coordinates these services, which include:

  • survey design and development
  • determination of methodologies for collecting data
  • selection of population sample
  • administration of surveys (paper-based and electronic)
  • analytical techniques

For additional information, contact Jancy Munguia at or (215) 204-4290.