Student Feedback Forms (SFFS)

Each semester, Temple students provide feedback on course materials and instruction using Student Feedback Forms (SFFs). Developed by the joint faculty and staff Committee on Course and Teaching Evaluation, Temple has used the current version of the SFFs since the 2008-2009 academic year. Previously, the Course and Teaching Evaluation (CATE) form was used.

Temple University is committed to high quality instruction in graduate, undergraduate and professional programs. Student feedback regarding instruction is an integral part of assuring quality in the University's educational programs. Every instructor - each person teaching at the University - is required to have his or her teaching evaluated by students every semester using a standard form adopted for such purpose. [Policy (02.78.14), Nov. 2002]


As of summer 2012, the SFFs for undergraduate and graduate courses are conducted online and are now referred to as e-SFFs.

SFF Data for Students

Students who complete all their e-SFFs for the prior semester and newly matriculated students can view selected course and instructor feedback through SFF Data for Students available on TUPortal, under the 'Student Tools' tab.


After grades have been submitted and student evaluation forms processed, instructors receive their SFF reports via the TUPortal. Reports for the online data are available within a few weeks of the close of grading. Reports from paper-based feedback are available approximately six weeks after the last day of classes for the semester. The reports include percentages and means for each item, and open-ended student comments.

Instructors use the SFF reports to improve their teaching and course materials. Student feedback also helps instructors and administration make merit, tenure and promotion decisions, as well as other important decisions about how courses are taught at Temple.

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There are five types of SFF forms, tailored for different courses and sections. Additionally, Course Identification and Instructor forms are also used for each evaluated course. (Please note that the forms below are samples only and are not for use.)