SFF Recogniton Awards

Traveling Trophy Winners - Highest SFF Response Rate for Fall 2019

The SFF in Excellence Award is a traveling trophy meant to recognize the students, faculty and staff of a school or college for their support and feedback during a SFF administration. Each fall and spring semester, this traveling trophy award will be displayed in the Dean's office of the school or college with the highest SFF response rate, so the university can recognize the outstanding participation of schools and colleges in the SFF administration process.

School/College Rate
Beasley School of Law 73%
School of Social Work 63.63%
University Rate 57%

Most Improved SFF Response Rate for Fall 2019

The school or college with the Most Improved SFF response rate per fall or spring semester (as compared to the same semester from the previous year) will receive a certificate of recognition.

School of Theater, Film and Media Arts

100% SFF Response Rate for Fall 2019

In Fall 2019, 407 courses had 100% SFF response rate. Below is a list of faculty whose courses had a 100% SFF response rate.

View Faculty List of 100% SFF response rate for Fall 2019