Assessment & Evaluation

The Assessment & Evaluation (A&E) unit of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) fosters a culture of assessment through ongoing support, education and leadership. Student learning is core to Temple's mission and high-quality assessment practices are essential to advancing student learning and the overall effectiveness of the university.

A&E provides faculty and administrators with resources, consultation and training around their assessment needs; guide the development, implementation and evaluation of assessment plans at the school, college, department and program levels; and collaboratively work with other university leaders to analyze and use assessment data to promote ongoing improvement.

The Assessment & Evaluation unit is responsible for the marketing, distribution, processing and reporting of course and teaching evaluations, otherwise known as Student Feedback Forms (SFFs). Data from SFFs guide the improvement of teaching and course materials, inform merit, tenure and promotion decisions and ultimately contribute to the assessment of student learning.

A&E coordinates university-wide student surveys which measure Temple students' experiences, perceptions and engagement with the university. Data from these nationally and locally constructed surveys help Temple leaders systematically examine factors that impact student learning and inform data driven decision making. Additionally, A&E convenes the Temple University Survey Coordinating Committee to ensure that rigorous standards, criteria and procedures are employed by other TU constituents conducting survey research.