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Research on Health

The Institute currently targets three main areas in health-related research:

  • Health promotion for persons with disabilities, particularly developmental disabilities;
  • Access to care for persons with all kinds of disabilities
  • Effects on health and well-being of family members and burden of care for those who support persons with disabilities

In studying access to care, we recently completed an externally-funded study comparing healthcare access and satisfaction of persons with and without disabilities who were all covered under the Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program, known as “HealthChoices.” Also, a developing program in health promotion is exploring attitudes and values of persons with disabilities towards wellness and prevention of secondary conditions, as well as designing and evaluating fitness and nutrition programs to benefit persons with developmental disabilities. In the area of health research, as in our other research initiatives, the Institute is strongly committed to implementing principles of community-based participatory research for all aspects.

Institute on Disabilities' Investigators, Staff and Collaborators

Diane Bryen, PhD
Guy Caruso, PhD
Elizabeth Gibbons, EdD
Rachel Gold, Med


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Final report to the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council for Grant # 4100027247: Evaluating the Health Choices Program: Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities. 2007.
Please contact Mary Segal at for a copy of this report.

Segal, M, Gibbons, E. Caruso, G. (2008) “Satisfaction with a Medical Assistance program reported by persons with and without disabilities.” Submitted for publication,

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