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Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership (REEP)

Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership (REEP)

Visit the REEP Online Classifieds

REEP Online Classifieds

** Access EXPANDED REEP INVENTORY: select "Regional Listings" when searching in the Online Classifieds for more equipment in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. **

Read more about the REEP partners below.

Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT) supports a variety of programs that may be a source for "previously-owned" assistive devices, usually available at a lower cost than buying new. These efforts help get used assistive technology devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, amplified and text telephones, low-vision aids, lifts, portable ramps, augmentative communication devices and other devices out of attics and garages and into the hands of people with disabilities who need them. These programs include "exchange" programs such as PIAT's Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership Online Classifieds ("REEP Classified").

The Partner Programs

REEP programs include those that actually accept donations of equipment, clean them up, store them and donate them to others who are in need, such as Changing Hands, A New Start, EquipAbility, Pass AT On, Liberty ReTreads, and Widow's Mite. These programs are available to all Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

In addition to the programs listed here, the PIAT Assistive Technology Resource Center serving your county is likely to be familiar with other resources for used equipment in your region. If you are interested in locating programs in other states that exchange or refurbish equipment, check out the national listing compiled by the RESNA Catalyst Project. You can also learn more about reutilization of assistive technology through the Pass It On Center.

Pennsylvania's Reused & Exchanged Equipment Partnership Online Classifieds Listing ("REEP Classifieds")

The REEP Classifieds is a free statewide service for people with disabilities, their families, friends, service providers, and other interested individuals who want to find, buy, sell, or donate previously owned assistive technology. Equipment in the REEP Classifieds includes stair glides, adapted vehicles, wheelchairs, vision aids, communication devices and much more.

The REEP Classifieds is an interactive online service, providing up-to-date listings that change frequently! From this site, sellers can post their own listings, including photos. Buyers can peruse the listings and, after registering, can obtain contact information about the sellers. For individuals who do not have internet access or who are not skilled users of the web, PIAT's Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) Information and Assistance staff can post and search the listings. PIAT and its ATRCs do not accept responsibility for the devices that are listed on the REEP Classifieds.

Related Contacts

REEP Project Coordinator:
Jamie Arasz Prioli, RESNA ATP
Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT) at Temple University
800-204-7428 voice
215-204-5967 voice
866-268-0579 TTY
215-204-6336 Fax
Email: or

Locate your regional Assistive Technology Resource Center:
800-204-7428 voice
866-268-0579 TTY

Reuse Programs:

Donate your equipment, or find equipment you need from one of these centers. Although it may be more practical for you to contact the center nearest you, please note that equipment through these programs is not restricted by where you live in Pennsylvania.

Changing Hands

accepts and refurbishes equipment for reuse and is maintained by United Cerebral Palsy of Central PA. For details on donating or receiving equipment, call Jackie: 800-998-4827 (voice), 717-737-3477 (voice), 717-737-3564 (TTY), email, or visit

A New Start

accepts equipment for reuse and is maintained by Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living of North Central Pennsylvania. For more information, call Landen Stroud: 800-984-7492 (voice), 570-279-4590 (VP) or email


is a reuse program administered by Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living. For more information, call John Flaherty: 724-223-5115 (voice), 724-228-4028 (TTY), or email or

Pass AT On

is a reuse program administered by United Cerebral Palsy of Northeastern Pennsylvania. For more information, call Linda: 877-827-8324 (toll-free in NE PA), 570-347-3117 (TTY), or email

Widow's Mite

is a faith-based program of Interfaith Specialty Services which accepts donations of devices and redistributes them to anyone in need in the greater Philadelphia region. For more information, call Angela: 215-324-2539(voice), email, or text message 215-410-0727.

Liberty ReTreads

is a reuse program operated by Liberty Resources. The program accepts donations and redistributes. For more information, contact Carlton: 215-634-2000 ext. 272 (voice), 215-634-6630 (TTY), or email

Additional Resources to Consider

To expand your search for devices, consider the web sites and These sites are designed much like the local newspaper classified section. Keep in mind that there is always a risk when purchasing used equipment, no matter how reliable the source.

Also consider visiting LifeNet's Wheelchair Project, which is a program designed to facilitate the exchange of wheelchairs between individuals residing in the United States.

For more options, visit, a directory of organizations and companies that support recycling in Pennsylvania. is a project of the Clean Air Council. The Pass It On Center,, is a resource for individuals looking for assistive technology reuse programs nationally.