Temple University provides health and prescription coverage for certain eligible employees of Temple University (the "University") and Temple University Health System ("TUHS") who enrolled and made the appropriate level of contributions to the Retiree Benefits Pre-Funding Plan prior to retirement at age 62 or older. The Retiree Health Benefits Pre-Funding Plan is closed to any University employees or faculty members hired on or after July 1, 2003, TUHS employees hired on or after August 1, 1999, or on or after such earlier date as specified in the applicable bargaining agreement for bargaining employees. Full eligibility guidelines are set forth in the Plan Document.

If you have decided to retire, please notify the Benefits Departments at 215-926-2270 at least 4 months prior to your retirement date. For employees considering retirement, please click here for Preparation For Retirement information.

Medical benefits are provided through Independence Blue Cross and Prescription Drug benefits are provided by CVS/Caremark and SilverScript, an affiliate of CVS/Caremark. Your benefits vary depending on whether or not you are Medicare eligible. Complete details are provided in the links below.

Eligible Pre-65

(Non-Medicare) Retirees

Eligible Post-65

(Medicare) Retirees

Important! You must contact the Benefits office to report any of the following:

  • Address Changes
  • Status Changes

           - Marriage

           - Divorce

           - Deaths

Temple University Benefits office can be reached at:

                                Temple University Benefits Department

                                        2450 W. Hunting Park Avenue, 1st Floor

                                        Philadelphia, PA 19129

                                        Phone: 215-926-2270

                                        Fax: 215-926-2288


If you are not eligible for retiree benefits through Temple University, one option you may wish to explore is individual coverage through Independence Blue Cross (IBC). The link below will take you to the IBC website for additional information on individual health coverage

For helpful information regarding Medicare, visit their website at

For helpful information regarding Social Security, click here

NOTE: Temple University reserves the right to amend, modify, or change retiree health insurance at any time.

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