Frequently Asked Questions (Pre-65/Non Medicare eligible)


Q. What prescription coverage do I currently have?

A. If you have Temple’s retiree health coverage, then your prescription drug coverage is

currently covered by CVS/Caremark. You pay no monthly premium for this coverage, and there are no deductibles. You pay 10% of the cost for generics, 20% of the cost for preferred brand name prescriptions and 30% of the cost for non-preferred brand name drugs.  The plan also offers an option to obtain your prescriptions through mail order. If you go through mail order, you can get a 3 months supply of drugs for the cost of 2 months, and have the convenience of home delivery.

Q. What medical coverage do I currently have?

A. If you have Temple’s retiree health coverage and you are not yet on Medicare, you are covered under a Personal Choice Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) medical Plan through Independence Blue Cross.

Q. What is a PPO medical Plan?

A.  A PPO medical Plan offers a preferred network of physicians, hospital, and other facilities.  You have the lowest out of pocket expense when you stay “in network” and choose from among the thousands of providers in the PPO network. In a PPO, you are not required to enroll with a primary care physician and you do not need a referral.


Q. I am not on Medicare but my spouse is Medicare eligible.  What benefits does my spouse have?

A.  Assuming you pre-funded for your spouse and your spouse is eligible, your spouse must enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B in order to have medical coverage through Temple University.  Temple provides a 65 Special medical plan through Independence Blue Cross to coordinate with Medicare coverage and provides prescription drug coverage through SilverScript, an affiliate of CVS/Caremark. The SilverScript plan offers the same copayments as the Caremark plan.  Please refer to the Post-65 (Medicare-eligible) Retiree information.

Q.  What happens when I become Medicare eligible?

A.  The Temple University Benefits Office will send you a letter in the months prior to your 65th birthday to remind you of what you need to do. Please be sure to maintain a current address with the Benefits Office so we can reach you.

Q. How do I contact the Benefits Department at Temple University?

A. The Benefits Office can be reached at 215-926-2270, or by e-mail at  We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5pm.

Q. How do I contact CVS/Caremark about the prescription plan?


A. You can call toll free at 1-800-966-5772. You can also visit their website at

Q. How do I contact Independence Blue Cross about the Personal Choice Plan?

A. You can call 1-800-ASK-BLUE (800-275-2583). You can also visit the IBC website at


NOTE:  Temple University reserves the right to amend, modify or change retiree medical insurance at any time


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