Employee Testimonials





"I really enjoy working at Temple. The diversity that is part of the culture here makes for a rich environment to meet with and learn from, a wide variety of personalities. This aspect along with the technologically advanced environment in which I work, keeps me both motivated and excited about being a part of the Temple family."   --Gladys Plowden

"I am energized by the place, especially by the hustle and bustle of the campus in the early fall, when the students have come back from the summer. I am proud to be part of a team that is busy producing the next generation of scholars, leaders and artists. I am humbled by the incredibly intelligent and incredibly caring people I work with and for. I am astonished by the diverse and interesting people I meet almost everyday.  I have worked in many jobs and in many places over the course of my career.  But when I came to Temple, I felt I had finally come home."   --Louis Thompson

"I came to work at Temple University fifteen years into my career, after working in state government and for large and small private companies.  Having worked in other good places, I am telling you that Temple University is a uniquely great place to be.  After ten years here, I still can’t imagine what can be better than working on a university campus surrounded by talented people, and working for an employer that provides excellent benefits and constant opportunities for growth."   -- Sandy Kyrish  




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