Requisition Instructions


How to Complete a Requisition for an Open Position at Temple University


You will need to have several pieces of information in order to complete the online requisition. You are not able to save your application in the middle of the process, so it is important to read this document carefully to be sure you have everything needed when you start. When you submit your requisition online it will be saved; any edits after it has been submitted can be made by contacting your HR Generalist.

Information Required for all Requisitions

  • Your user name and password to enter the system.

  • The key to using iHiring Manager is the JobCode field. When you enter the JobCode iHiring Manager will automatically fill in the fields on the requisition that are common to the position.

  • If you are uncertain of the JobCode for a position, click here to access the Position Description application. Each Position Description includes the correct Job Code, which may be selected from the list provided in iHiringManager.

  • A position control number assigned by the Budget Office.

  • Your account line information the grid at the bottom of the requisition contains the fields “Acct. Dept”, “Center”, “Percentage”.  The “Account Department” field identifies the labor expense account charged and, therefore, communicates whether the position is part-time or full-time, how much in taxes need to be allocated and the fringe benefit rate to charge to the department. For example, “6520” designates a Full Time Technical Professional employee.  In the “Center” field, the department enters a nine digit number - the 1st two digits indicate the funding source (“10” indicates non-grant), the next four digits are the department’s stewardship code and the last three digits represent the identifier. Additional information on account coding can be found on the “University’s Chart of Accounts” located on the Controller’s Web Site:

  • Appropriate approvers with at least one having Level 1 Signature Authority.

  • Requisitions supported by externally sponsored funds require Grant & Contract Accounting Level One approval, see Grant Accounting’s staff directory. HSC positions supported by externally sponsored agreements must include an approver from the Office the Vice President for Research (OVPR). (

Additional Information Required for Temple University Requisitions

An updated position description. You may work with your HR Generalist prior to creating the requisition to complete the appropriate position description.

Getting into the System

  • Click Here for detailed instructions for utilizing iHiring Manager

  • Click Here to access iHiring Manager


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