Understanding Your Paycheck

The University Paycheck and/or Direct Deposit Advice provides employees with a detailed Statement of Employee Earnings and Deductions.  This Statement should be retained for your records and not discarded.  The Statement is organized into the following sections:

  1. Demographic Data:
    Employer Contact Information
    • Payroll Department mailing address and phone number

    Employee Information
    • TUid
    • SSN (last 4 digits)
    • Employee Name
    • Permanent address
    • Pay Date
    • Pay ID (monthly or biweekly) and Pay Number
    • Pay Period Dates

  2. Payment Summary for Current and Year to Date Pay:
    • Total Gross Pay Amount
    • Total Personal Deductions
    • Net Pay Amount
    • Total Employer Contributions

  3. Earnings and Hour Detail by position:
    • Current and Year-to-Date Gross Amount of Earnings Paid by Type

  4. Benefits, Deductions, and Taxes:
    • Deductions before Federal Tax – Amount of current and year-to-date employee deductions withheld on a pretax (before tax) basis and employer contributions made on behalf of employee, if applicable.
      These items include but are not limited to pension, medical and dental benefits, medical spending, dependent care, and qualified parking and transportation.

    • Taxes – Amount of current and year-to-date employee taxes withheld and employer contributions made on behalf of employee, if applicable.

    • After Tax Deductions – Amount of current and year-to-date voluntary and involuntary deductions withheld after taxes.

  5. Federally Taxable Benefits:
    • Listing of federally taxable benefits in which the taxes are deducted on the value of the benefit amount such as the imputed income on the excess value of life insurance over $50,000.

  6. Check or Direct Deposit:
    • Listing of net pay disbursement information such as document number, document type, bank name, account type and amount.

  7. Messages:
    • Important communications to employees from Payroll Management Offfice.

  8. Filing Status - Federal and State:
    • Elections made on the Federal Form W-4 and/or State Form W-4





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