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The key to using iHiringManager is the Job Family field. When you choose the Job Family and Title combination, iHiringManager will automatically fill in the fields on the requisition that are common to the position. If you are uncertain of the Job Family and Title combination, please use the tools available on this page

Job Families

Click on Family for Role Inventory Levels

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES - Administrative support

FACILITY SERVICES - Professional building and life safety services support

FINANCE - Encompassing budget and fiscal planning, accounting, business affairs, physician billing, internal audit, grant accounting and purchasing services support

HEALTH SERVICES - Specialized clinical services support

INFORMATION AND MEDIA SERVICES - Information services and technology applications services support

LEADERSHIP - Leadership and strategic decision-making for, and management of business units, schools or departments

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - Members of the Professional Role have a body of knowledge normally acquired through an undergraduate program or higher that is applied to the business operations of the University, such as Human Resources and Library services.

PROTECTIVE SERVICES - Protective Services Role have the specific training and knowledge necessary to uphold/maintain security and safety at the University.

STUDENT SERVICES - Athletics, recreation, housing, student health, entertainment services, and various professional fields (enrollment, student affairs, advising, financial aid, admissions, career development) that support students, the community, and/or the University

TECHNICAL & RESEARCH SERVICES - Technical, scientific, or social research expertise, including grant focused positions

1199 Bargaining Unit - Clerical or secretarial support


Instruction for Selecting Appropriate

Job Description for Requisitions


Step 1: Identify appropriate job family

  • Choose appropriate family from list above and/or click on family for more information regarding the Role Inventory Levels.

  • Use Grade Matrix for Family Role Inventory - Grade cross-reference


Step 2: Use Job Description Search for Pre-Written Position Description Templates


Step 3: After determining appropriate Family and Title, select Family and Title combination from the Job Family dropdown on the iHiring Manager Requisition form.

See below for steps



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