Commuter Transportation
Go Green. Save Green. Be Green.

Now is a great time to think green, leave the car at home and make the switch to public transportation. Under the current regulations, the monthly limits for pre-tax free commuter benefits are:

  • Transit - The pre-tax spending limit for transit and vanpools is $265 per month for 2019.
  • Parking - The pre-tax spending for qualified parking is $265 per month for 2019.

How the commuter benefits program works:

You place your order based on how you currently get to work (regional rail, bus or subway) and WageWorks will fulfill your order by mailing you a pass or recharging your commuter card just prior to the beginning of the month. These charges are deducted from your paycheck each month. The portion of your cost that is deducted pre-tax reduces the amount of earnings on which you have to pay taxes (this is how you save). If you choose the "Every Month" frequency, you will automatically get the same order each month until you change or cancel it or become ineligible for the program.

Unlike health care and dependent care FSAs, there is no open enrollment period for the commuter benefits program and you can enroll or cancel your enrollment at any time.
Check out plan details, easy-to-use savings calculators and enrollment instructions at If you are not already enrolled in WageWorks, click on: “First Time User? Register Now,” and follow the simple steps.
All regular, full-time employees and faculty members are eligible to participate in the commuter benefits program. Payments for these benefits are charged through payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis. If you have a question regarding your payroll deduction, please contact the Payroll Department at 215-926-2244. Inquiries about how the program works should be directed to WageWorks.
Temple University also allows employees to pay monthly parking costs in any of the Temple lots on a pre-tax basis. Please visit the Parking Services website for more information.
updated: 11/29/2018


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