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Graduate Bulletin

Communication Management/Media Management, Government and Social Policy, M.S.


Admission Requirements and Deadlines
Application Deadline:

Fall: March 1

Spring: November 1

Applications are processed as they arrive up to the deadline date.

Letters of Reference:

Number Required: 2

From Whom: Letters of recommendation should be obtained from evaluators who are able to provide insight into your abilities and talents, as well as comment on your aptitude for graduate study.

Coursework Required for Admission Consideration:

All applicants must present credentials that are the equivalent of the baccalaureate degree at Temple University.

Bachelor's Degree in Discipline/Related Discipline:


Statement of Goals:

The Statement of Goals should include your special interests within the discipline and expectations for the program.

Standardized Test Scores:

The GRE is required.

Minimum TOEFL score or range of scores needed to be accepted: 575 paper-based, or 230 computer-based. Any student admitted with a TOEFL score below 600 on the paper-based or 250 on the computer-based examination must pass an English skills course or successfully pass the SPEAK test during their first semester of enrollment at Temple University.




Program Requirements
Campus Location:

Main Campus, Center City

Full-Time/Part-Time Status:

Students are required to complete the degree program through classes offered before and after 4:30 p.m.

General Program Requirements:

Number of Didactic Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate:

Required Courses:


Internship: No internship is required.

Language Examination: No language examination is required.

Additional Requirements:


Culminating Events:


Program Contact Information:


Department Information:


Department Contacts:



Program Coordinator:


Graduate Chairperson:




About the Program

The M.S. in Communication Management

Time Limit for Degree Completion: 5 years

Campus Location:

Main Campus

Students are required to complete the degree program through classes offered before and after 4:30 p.m. Students are able to complete the degree program on a part-time basis (8 credit hours or less per semester).

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Areas of Specialization:


Job Placement:




Interdisciplinary Study:


Study Abroad:




Non-Degree Student Policy:


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