The search for knowledge and the rigors of intellectual discourse drive the modern university.  Research is at the heart of this endeavor.  Temple University is at the top tier of a group of schools and colleges around the country for its commitment to graduate research and its ability to generate federal funds.  But large funded projects are only part of the life of the research university.  Each day, students and faculty members are engaged individually and collaboratively in the investigation of social, scientific, and humanistic endeavors.   Our nationally ranked arts programs foster an environment for the creation of new works.  It is this synergy between teaching and research that promotes excellence within all of our graduate programs here at Temple.
Science Lab The University provides major facilities for the support of individual and group research projects for both faculty and students.   Free accounts are provided to students for accessing both the Internet and other technological resources.  Computer labs, available nights and weekends for those who need them, are in most Temple University buildings.  The University's IBM mainframe computer is used by many students and faculty performing statistical research..  Paley Library, with over 2 million volumes and 15, 000 reference periodicals, provides access to a variety of CD-ROM and online databases.  The library is also home to the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection of historical artifacts, the Urban Archives Center, which includes the clipping and photo collection of major metropolitan daily newspapers, and the Contemporary Culture Collection
Temple University houses a number of prestigious research institutes, each generating over 1 million dollars per year in federal funding.  These include the Center for Research in Human Development and Education, the Center for Public Policy, the Center on Disabilities, Institute for Survey Research, the Center for Social Policy, Fels Institute for Cancer Research, and the Center for Intergenerational Learning.  In addition, the Social Science Data Library provides access to a large database of social science research and is a primary center for expertise in the analysis and presentation of such data.

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