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The quality and worth of a graduate degree are a direct reflection of the hard work of the faculty, deans, and administration of Temple University.  It is our desire that our programs offer the utmost in excellence within the discipline.  The Graduate School is responsible for establishing and maintaining policies for graduate education at Temple University, which includes enforcing guidlines, establishing standards, and acting as the governing body that approves new programs. 

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In addition to its role in enforcing and improving standards of graduate education, The Graduate School serves as the primary recruitment arm for graduate programs at the university, including the publication of the Graduate Bulletin, application, viewbooks, and maintenance of the Graduate School Website.  Overall quality of dissertations and theses are monitored and international student credentials are evaluated by Graduate School staff.
The Graduate School Dean serves as chair of the Graduate Board, an elected group of graduate faculty who together establish and maintain admission and degree requirements.  The grade point averages and standardized test scores required for admission to the Graduate School are set by the Graduate Board.  The individual schools and colleges are empowered, on behalf of the Graduate School and the Graduate Dean, to admit students and to recommend candidates for graduation.  The Graduate School monitors all graduate programs and formally awards all graduate degrees.

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