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Current Students – Tuition and Fees

Pennsylvania Residency Classification

Based on a student’s domicile, Temple University has two tuition schedules. One is relevant for Pennsylvania residents, and the other for out-of-state residents and international students. For tuition purposes, Pennsylvania residency is determined in accordance with the criteria outlined in the Pennsylvania Residency Guidelines. Questions about Pennsylvania residency, individual student status, change of domicile, or appeals for residency classification are answered on the website of the Office of the University Registrar.

2014-2015 Tuition

Tuition costs are priced per credit. The costs listed below are applicable for the Fall and Spring terms, as well as the various Summer sessions, of the 2014-2015 academic year:




Center for the Arts
        Tyler School of Art
                 Art Education and Art History
                 Fine Arts
        Boyer College of Music and Dance
        Division of Theater, Film and Media Arts



Fox School of Business and Management*
          Executive M.B.A.
                 Class of 2015
                 Class of 2016
          Executive D.B.A.
          M.S. programs
                 Digital Innovation in Marketing, Financial Analysis
                       and Risk Management, Financial Engineering,
                       Information Technology Auditing and
                       Cybersecurity, Investment Management, or
                       Risk Management and Insurance
                 All other M.S. programs
          Online M.B.A.
          Ph.D. programs













Kornberg School of Dentistry

          $714          $987

College of Education
          w/the exception of 2012 Jamaica doctoral cohort
          w/the exception of 2014 Jamaica master's cohort





College of Engineering

          $913        $1,210

School of Environmental Design

          $805        $1,103

College of Liberal Arts



School of Media and Communication

          $865        $1,163

School of Medicine

          $805        $1,103

School of Pharmacy/Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences

        $1,001        $1,267
College of Public Health
          w/the exception of Social Work

College of Science and Technology

         $912        $1,209

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

        $1,077        $1,511

* Inquire of the school if program and/or other fees apply for a particular program.

For a full tuition schedule and to access the tuition calculator, visit

2014-2015 Fees

All students are assessed the "University Services Fee," which funds activities, computers and technology, facilities, and student health services:



Fall and Spring Terms

  Per Summer Session

       9+                $345                 $173
       5.0 - 8.9                $249                 $132
       1.0 - 4.9                $122                  $77

Other fees are exclusive to graduate students on an “event” basis:

    GRADUATE SCHOOL EVENT                 FEE



Deposit    $100 minimum**
Leave of Absence               $25
Dissertation/Thesis Processing               $50
Certificate               $25

** Inquire of the department as deposit amounts vary by program.

All tuition and fees are subject to change by action of The Board of Trustees.