Temple is committed to the well-being of all members of our campus community. Each of us has an essential part to play in the effort to keep campus and the surrounding community safe. 

Fall Break 2021

Students who are traveling over fall break and will come in contact with anyone who may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 are encouraged to schedule a predeparture COVID-19 test. Tests are available the weeks of Nov. 15 and Nov. 22 at the university’s Mitten Hall and Paley Hall testing locations and can be scheduled through the student health portal.

Students are also encouraged to receive a COVID-19 test when they return to campus after fall break. Following the four public health pillars and avoiding risky behaviors is necessary to keep everyone safe. It also helps slow the spread of the virus. For additional information on how to stay healthy over the holidays, please see the CDC’s new guidance.

COVID-19 Compliance

Acting in defiance of the COVID-19 mitigation and containment efforts put in place by the university and the city of Philadelphia carries serious consequences. Sanctions for students in violation of COVID-19-related policies, such as refusing to participate in mandatory testing or cooperate with contact tracers, and other blatant disregard for the health and well-being of Temple University and the surrounding community, may result in disciplinary action such as revocation of university building access, removal from campus housing, suspension or expulsion.

The university collects and shares information regarding active COVID-19 cases within the university community. View the COVID-19 dashboard

Philadelphia’s Vaccination Requirements

On Aug. 13, 2021, Philadelphia’s Board of Health announced new COVID-19 vaccination requirements for college campuses. At that time, Temple announced that all members of Temple’s community must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 15, 2021, unless they have a medical or religious exemption. 

The Oct. 6, 2021, announcement by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health has revised what it means to be compliant with that deadline. Now, in order to be compliant with the mandate, Temple students, faculty and staff must have either received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (rather than being fully vaccinated) or an approved medical or religious exemption by Oct. 15. If you are unvaccinated, please get your first dose by next Friday, Oct. 15.

Read more about Temple’s vaccination policy.

If You Are Fully Vaccinated

Students, faculty and staff who are fully vaccinated and who have uploaded their vaccine information to the health portal are not required to participate in the university’s surveillance testing program. Temple University will assume that you are unvaccinated until you provide evidence of being fully vaccinated.

Each person who gets vaccinated is taking an important step in helping the entire Temple community return to a more normal life. Learn more about the vaccines and explore COVID-19 vaccine availability in Philadelphia. 

Fall Testing Plan for Students

Temple’s testing program is based on the most recent guidance from the CDC and the city of Philadelphia

The university’s mandatory surveillance testing program requires testing as frequently as twice weekly for those who are exempted from being vaccinated against COVID-19, and begins when you arrive on campus. Failure to comply with testing may result in disciplinary measures including but not limited to revocation of access to Temple’s buildings, including residence halls. 

Students who have not submitted COVID-19 vaccine information to the health portal, and are therefore required to participate in testing, will receive an email with more information about the testing process and how to schedule testing appointments. 

Unvaccinated individuals will also be subject to additional restrictions, such as limited opportunities for gathering in groups, activities in close quarters and university-sponsored travel.

Students should be aware that many university partners have implemented vaccine mandates and being unvaccinated may limit opportunities like internships, clinical placements, student teaching and even research experiences.

Fall Testing Plan for Employees

Through Oct. 15, employees who have not submitted proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to the health portal will be required to participate in Temple’s testing program. After Oct. 15, those who have been granted an exemption will still be considered unvaccinated by the university and must continue to comply with the COVID-19 surveillance testing program and other restrictions.

Employees required to come to campus who remain unvaccinated, fail to submit vaccination information or receive an exemption after Oct. 15 cannot be on campus and will be subject to discipline for failure to comply with the city mandate and university policy.

University Testing Locations and Scheduling

Temple University will continue to operate coronavirus sites on Main Campus and the Health Sciences Center to help keep students, faculty and staff healthy.

Note that testing is done by appointment only and walk-ups will not be accepted.

Use the health portal each week to register for your appointments. 

Employees on campus who are experiencing symptoms should call Employee Health Services at 215-204-2679. If employees are working remotely and develop symptoms or are identified as a close contact, they should contact their primary care provider immediately and should not come to campus.

University Testing Sites Locations and Hours

Administering Tests

Though the testing sites will be staffed, tests are self-administered. Those who are being tested will be given a test kit, which includes a test tube and nasal swab, and will follow step-by-step instructions to complete the test themselves.

Learn more about what to expect when making an appointment for a self-swab test.

Test Results

Test results will be available between 12 and 36 hours after your test. Negative test results will be texted or emailed. Students can opt in to receive text messages from Student Health Services by visiting the Forms section of the health portal

Those who receive a positive test result will get a call from a Student Health Services staff member, who will provide you with information about what you should do next. You can also download a PDF of your test results from the Lab Results tab in the health portal. 

Be sure to update your contact information in TUportal to ensure we have your current phone number and address on file. You can do this by logging in to TUportal, clicking Manage My Account in the upper right corner, and selecting Manage Addresses and Phones. 

Testing and Exposure FAQ for Students

Answers to students’ frequently asked questions about testing and exposure to COVID-19 are provided below.

Testing and Exposure FAQ for Employees

Answers to employees’ frequently asked questions about testing and exposure to COVID-19, including information for faculty members if a student tests positive, are provided below. If you still have questions after reviewing the material below, please contact the COVID-19 liaison in your school, college or unit.

Contact Tracing and Containment Measures

Contact tracing is the process of tracking and alerting individuals who have been exposed to the virus. When someone tests positive for or is likely to have COVID-19, contact tracing is how the people they have come into close contact with—and who might have been exposed to the virus—are identified, monitored and supported. The patient’s identity isn’t discussed with the contacts.

Temple’s Contact Tracing Unit, developed by Health Services and in partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, uses interviews and available data to find out where someone who tested positive has been and what areas are the highest risk spaces. Physical distancing and wearing masks helps lessen the risks for all university spaces. 

Temple’s internal contact tracing unit will continue to interview those who test positive for COVID-19 and identify close contacts. Unvaccinated close contacts will be required to quarantine for 14 days, including being kept out of class. Fully vaccinated close contacts will be required to get tested for COVID-19 but will not need to quarantine. Those who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate regardless of their vaccination status. Isolation housing for those who require it will be available on Main Campus in Johnson Hall.  

Learn more about contact tracing at Temple.

Travel Expectations for Students and Employees

With the start of summer 2021, the university will allow for preapproved domestic travel to resume. International travel is suspended until further notice, unless deemed essential and necessary for the university’s normal course of operations.

FAQ: Travel