Temple understands that students and faculty may have questions about classes, tuition and more. The university provides the tools and resources needed to support students’ learning objectives and help faculty with course instruction.

Course Formats

Spring 2021

While the majority of spring semester classes will remain online, the university has expanded the number of courses with an in-person component beyond those that require critical hands-on training and experiential learning. All courses offered with an in-person component will be taught in de-densified classroom, lab and studio settings that are as safe as possible as we continue to face the pandemic. Many schools and colleges are also planning an array of co-curricular and extracurricular in-person activities that will continue to provide opportunities for safe social interaction with faculty and fellow students.

Meanwhile, for online courses, our faculty will continue to employ best practices to make those classes engaging and rewarding. This blend of instructional modes gives students the opportunity to tailor their own schedules to meet their learning needs and allows faculty to ensure the best possible educational experience for students. 

The university’s goal is to help students get the most out of the spring semester and make sure that they continue to make progress on their academic plan. 

The spring course schedule will be published Monday, Nov. 2 and priority registration will begin Monday, Nov. 16. Detailed information about priority registration will follow from the Office of the Registrar.

Open Campus Operations

Our plan is for Main Campus to remain open in the spring. Residence halls, Charles Library, the TECH Center, Campus Recreation and other services that support student life will continue to be available for in-person use. In addition, a full slate of online resources, including the Career Center, Wellness Resource Center and Tuttleman Counseling Services, will continue to be available.

Fall 2020

On Sept. 3, 2020, President Englert and Provost Epps announced that all classes will pivot to online learning. All in-person courses, except for essentials-only courses, have been suspended for the fall 2020 semester.

Fall 2020 Undergraduate Grading

Beginning Monday, Nov. 16, undergraduate students will have the option to designate one undergraduate fall semester course as credit/no credit (CR/NC).
Note: Credit/no credit is what Temple considers pass/fail for undergraduate courses.

Students registered in a course for which all students are automatically graded CR/NC may select one additional course for the CR/NC option. Additionally, any student who chose the CR/NC option for an undergraduate course earlier in the term may choose to return that course to standard letter grade mode.

More information is provided below.

For Students

For Instructors

Academic Calendar

Spring 2021 Calendar Changes

On Monday, Oct. 26, Provost Epps announced that Temple’s spring semester will be delayed eight days, and begin on Tuesday, Jan. 19. 

The delayed start will give students who leave campus for the winter break at least two full weeks after New Year’s Day to self-quarantine, either at home or in off-campus housing, before the start of spring classes. The extra time will also give schools and colleges the opportunity to offer online, short-duration winter session courses. This will allow students to either accelerate their academic progress or lighten their academic loads at some future time and still stay on course for graduation. 

As a result of the late start, spring break will be canceled, so that we can remain healthy and on schedule for the rest of the academic year.

Fall 2020 Calendar Changes

Temple will start the fall semester on Aug. 24 and end the on-campus presence on Nov. 20, when fall break begins. The remaining week of classes, study period and finals will be conducted remotely.

Academic Withdrawal Policy

There is a revision to the withdrawal policy that extends the deadline for withdrawing from one or more courses to the last day of classes. For fall 2020 full-term courses, the deadline is Dec. 7, 2020. Please go to the university’s academic calendar to view part-of-term-specific withdrawal deadlines.

Class Attendance Policy

The university’s attendance policy has been standardized to accommodate students who are ill or are required to self-quarantine for a period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To achieve course learning goals, students must attend in-person classes, and/or participate in classes or portions of classes that are taught remotely, to the extent that they are able. Though increased flexibility will be granted, in all cases, course assessments such as assignments, tests and exams must be completed for learning goals to be reached.

Instructors are required to record attendance for each in-person or synchronous remote meeting using an online attendance system designated by the university. This will help facilitate contact tracing if a student or instructor tests positive for COVID-19. Recording of attendance will also provide an opportunity for outreach from student services and academic support units to support students should they become ill.

2020–2021 Tuition Freeze

Temple’s leadership introduced a tuition freeze as a way of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining the university’s finances. Instituting a tuition freeze allowed Temple to save students money and keep the university financially viable during the pandemic.

Learn more about tuition and university finances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information About Tuition and Fees 

Estimated tuition and fees are updated annually each summer. Some or all instruction for all or part of the academic year may be delivered remotely. Tuition, the University Services Fee and certain other fees are set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the academic year and regardless of the inability to access university-maintained facilities, or any disruption to or cancellation of activities, events, services or programs during the academic year. Read more information about Temple’s refund policy. By registering for classes, the student and anyone paying on their behalf acknowledges and accepts these terms.

University Libraries Access

Charles Library on Main Campus, the Charles E. Krausz Library Temple’s Ambler Library, the Ginsburg Health Sciences Library and the Law Library are all open.

New safety measures have been implemented to help protect patrons as they access these facilities. We also encourage users to take advantage of the available virtual resources, which include digitized collections and e-books. 

For more information about the reopening, please check the university libraries website for details on what to expect when you visit.

International Campuses and Study Abroad

Decisions about all university-sponsored, -connected or -funded international travel by students, faculty and staff are updated on the 15th of each month, based on international, national, state and local guidance. See the latest information on Education Abroad programs and our international campuses.

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