Graduate STEM Learning Positions

Tutoring Development and Workshop Coordinator

The Student Success Center (SSC) invites applications for a Tutoring Development and Workshop Coordinator position for the Fall 2019 semester. This position is a full-year Teaching Assistantship (20 hours a week), and it includes a stipend, 100% tuition remission, and benefits.

The Program and Teaching Assistant will work with us to develop and implement professional development for our course-based tutoring program. The primary duties will include:

  • Developing and leading professional development workshops for new and veteran tutors
  • Assisting SSC Administrators with research into best practices for tutor development
  • Observing tutors and other student staff and providing feedback on performance
  • Assisting with developing and carrying out other special research projects

The position has a flexible work schedule with occasional night and weekend hours. This position would be a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in expanding their experience with teaching, higher education administration, and /or program development.

Who can apply:

All Temple students who are enrolled in doctoral programs are eligible to apply. Preferred candidates will have some or all of the following:

  • Experience with teaching evaluation/development programs
  • Experience with curriculum development, course development, and/or lesson planning
  • Classroom teaching experience and/or online teaching experience
  • Prior experience working in a tutoring center or academic success center
How to apply:

Submit the following materials (by email attachment) to James Otwell:

  • CV
  • Cover letter - Please be sure that your cover letter provides information about the degree program you are currently enrolled in and your expected date of graduation.
Current openings and application deadlines:

We are accepting applications for fall 2019 from April 22-May 6, 2019.

Graduate STEM Tutor

Graduate STEM tutors meet with students one-on-one to help them succeed in challenging math and science courses. Tutors review and explain course content and concepts, and they help students understand homework and other assignments. Tutors also work with students as they prepare for major exams, helping them to prioritize their work, and to create effective plans for studying and managing time.

Graduate STEM learning positions are Teaching Assistantships; they carry stipends, tuition remission and benefits in accordance with the current TUGSA contract. We offer full-time (20 hours per week), half-time (10 hours per week) and quarter-time (5 hours per week) positions. The work hours are flexible and can be scheduled around other obligations.

Who can apply:

Ph.D. students in Chemistry, Economics, Math, Physics, Statistics, and Math/Science Education are eligible to apply. We particularly welcome applicants who have

  • completed their doctoral coursework
  • prior experience with teaching or tutoring
  • completed Temple’s Teaching in Higher Education Certificate or a departmental teaching practicum course
How to apply:

Submit the following materials (by email attachment) to James Otwell:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
Current openings and application deadlines:

We are not currently accepting applications