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Where to Give

Whether you wish to build scholarship funds, support programs, honor an admired faculty member or loved one, or plan for the future of the arts and your own financial stability, there are many areas where your gift will make a tremendous difference.

Donations to Boyer College are magnified by the lives they touch.  Students today are the artists, teachers, therapists and researchers of tomorrow.  They reach the future, and your gift makes that possible.

Scholarships | Program Support | Naming Opportunities | Gift Planning

Scholarships ensure transformative opportunities so that current and future students continue to learn, grow and make a mark on the world, despite financial challenges. 

Scholarships empower students to excel in their disciplines without the demands of a full time job or the stress of incurring excessive debt.  This vital support changes not only students’ lives, but the lives of all those who are touched by these students when they graduate and take their places in the wider world.

And, scholarships help the Boyer College to continue to recruit the finest students in the increasingly competitive world of higher education.

Program Support
Special opportunities for students to attend conferences, experience master classes with world renowned artists and perform for the larger community in world-class venues are just a few examples of programming made possible by individual gifts.  The Boyer College also engages in work that directly impacts the health and lives of children and adults in Philadelphia and its neighboring communities.

Whatever your specific interest, you have the ability to make a difference by supporting specific Boyer College programs or departments.

Naming Opportunities
Music and dance studios and smart classrooms, scholarships and programs are all areas in which naming opportunities exist. 

Students and faculty are empowered to achieve their best when working in an environment best suited for their purposes.  You can help to ensure that Boyer College facilities are perfectly suited, continuing to support the goals of excellence.

If you would like to learn more about honoring a special person or leaving a legacy through a special naming opportunity, please contact:

Jennifer E. Jordan

Gift Planning
Planned giving can address your own financial needs while enabling you to leave a powerful legacy at Temple University.  With a little planning and creativity, your assets can be used to maximize your personal benefit, while providing for the future of the Boyer College and its students.

Many of Boyer College’s scholarships and programs receive funding through the generous support of individuals who have established planned gifts. Their desire to make an impact and envision the future enables Temple to continue providing its students with access to an education of exceptional quality.

Learn more about Gift Planning

Every gift to the Boyer College of Music and Dance is an investment—in the work that we do, in the ability of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and neighbors to transform the world around them.  Your gift is the key to providing educational opportunity for talented students, regardless of their means, which is at the heart of Temple University’s mission. 

Support Boyer College now!